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Our world is filled with many different amazing kinds of people. Some might disagree as everyone don't have the same heart or thinking process. But among them exists who devoted their lives to helping the poor and unfortunates. Charity, the one thing that feeds millions of poor and unfortunate people all around the globe. Every day thousands of people donate their money to the poor to help them. Among them, many wealthy people are the one who contributes the most. These good deeds are done with one and one intention only, to help the people who desperately need help and keep them going.

The Charity system and how people can donate, the technology has changed that in a few ways. But it still can't be said for sure that the targeted industry or person is getting the money. This time we will talk about a project called HumanCoin targeting the charity system of our world.

What is HumanCoin

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HumanCoin is a blockchain based platform targeting the charity system but with some extra features. The charity system in our country is not so good as there are people, industries who previously scammed people by asking donation and then later the actual person didn't get a penny. It's not fully secured, transparent. Then there's the geographical gap and regulation. Not to mention the complexity when donating money outside of the border.

The current system of how the charity system work is not trustable completely. The complexity and the risk, not everybody is willing to take that. Also, there is not a single platform or company that gives away something in return of donating. These are some of the problems that led to the HumanCoin project and it's made with the sole purpose of solving these problems by connecting all the relevant party in a single, transparent platform.

Charity Market

Many might think the value of the charity market is a very small one. But in 2017, according to MarketInsightsReports, the value of the charity market reached a brilliant number of $747b which is a huge amount. Not to mention many of the charities are done P2P and not measured.

The value of the charity market might have seen an incredible growth. But the technology that is used in this is still not quite the perfect technology and had a very little effect in the past years. This market is taken over by Philanthropic foundations. Having this huge amount of volume, distribution of the funds in the main problem now.

After Philanthropic foundation took over the market, then the significant volume and not good enough technology is hampering the growth and keeping the industry from spring effectively. Not being able to work effectively, the whole process is slowed down by several folds.

The market itself of the charity is very big. However, it is lacking some significant amount of technology. If it can be transformed into a more effective way to transact, it can absolutely change the way of many countries economy.
HumanCoin is not only targeting the donations and making it better. HumanCoin will have partnerships with various e-commerce which is a more than $2.3 trillion industry. The amount of people who are now getting attracted to online shopping is increasing day by day and is bound to get popular as time passes.

If taken a good look by this side, it can be said easily the market is up for disruptions by HumanCoin.

Problem Faces by Philanthropic

The problem that is common on this side is very dangerous and there can be a huge amount of money involved. They are also the reason many people don't want to get involved in this

Trust and Verification

When donating money, first of all, the money goes to the foundation and after that to the appropriate person. But unfortunately, there is always the problem of lack of trust. The donor side can never tell if the person they are donating to is actually getting the money and if they can use it or if they are being just scammed. There is a huge lack of proper verification of the receiver.


Another problem in this side that can be identified very easily is the problem of proper transacting. First of all, the volume is huge. Lack of proper equipment makes the distribution slower as there is a huge volume all the time.

Expenses and Complexities

Whenever trying to transact outside of the border, often times the donor has to provide the transaction fee as well as the donation amount. Also, when transaction outside the border, there are sometimes some rules and regulations to be followed. At the end making the whole thing more complicated.

The competition in e-commerce is always fierce. People are always looking for an effective way to do loyalty programs and attract consumer from all around. Many new ideas emerging in the market but as time is passing, it's getting harder and harder to attract consumers.

Crypto Adaption

Blockchain is one of the most growing technology now. Many industries have already started to make a good use of this technology and trying to adapt to it. But sadly, there is no way for donors to donate in crypto as no industry would accept them for now. More details here:

What HumanCoin Offers

HumanCoin provides some excellent solutions that are listed above. Not only solving the problems but also providing some extra benefits too.


HumanCoin will use the blockchain technology and the distributed ledger technology. This will put an end to the long charity chain and eliminate any kind of middleman. As it will be based on the blockchain, the transactions will be smooth and fast. It will cut down the massive cost of transacting.

Rather than randomly believing in the receiver and the middleman, HumanCoin will connect the receiver and the donor both in one platform. This will allow build trust and let the donors donate without any risk or tension at all. Not only that, there will be smart contracts between them. The funds that were sent will only be used if it meets all the mandatory conditions first.

Transparency and Security

The blockchain is made to show transparency. Everything is recorded in the public blockchain. The donors can always see how their funds are being used. After that, the blockchain is almost unhackable. This will make sure all the funds are always safe and sound.

Loyalty Program

When it comes to e-commerce loyalty programs, it is always the matter of emotional controls of the consumers. By combining different e-commerce company with the HumanCoin, it can be possible to make the loyalty program much successful than ever. This will create a strong emotional resonance.

Crypto Adaption

The amount of attention crypto is getting lately, HumanCoin will support the use of crypto all the way. This can help the e-commerce system and also increase the potential donors. By combining these three, HumanCoin is creating an unstoppable force targeting to disrupt a huge market of $3.5 trillion.
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ICO Details

• Token Symbol: HUMA
• Token Protocol: Ethereum
• Total Supply: 6,000,000,000 HUMA
• Token Price: $0.01
• Token Sale Amount: 3,055,000,000 HUMA
• Soft Cap: $6 million
• Hard Cap: $26 million




HumanCoin is not just a project. It can change up many things. Especially economic system of many countries. Donations in every country have a huge effect on the countries economy. The e-commerce partnership the changes the whole power of the project. It can be easily said it has very good potential.

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