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Our world is evolving in some way every day. After the internet, our life changed. The internet changed how we communicate, how we express ourselves. From that, social media was born. And now, this social media has a huge effect on our lives. We use various social media every day.

Some of the most commonly used are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. They are an essential part of our lives now. We not only communicate with other people on these but we also get news, what's happening around the world and much more. That's where comes the content writers. Many great changes, revolutions happened because of them. Sadly enough, the content creators in these platforms often don't get what they deserve. The distribution is unfair and not to mention the advertising.

Today we are talking about a different yet a powerful social media platform which is based on the blockchain, Foresting.

What is Foresting

Foresting, it's a unique platform for content creators which is based on the blockchain. It might sound like another platform that already exists, but it has some unique features which are not available anywhere right now. Foresting will give the content creators what they actually deserve and a fair distribution.

Content creators are a huge part of our social media ecosystem. And in the end, they are the one who is not getting rewarded properly for their contents. Foresting here shows an incredible way how the blockchain can be used for fair rewarding as well as fair distribution and consuming. Foresting wants to elevate the experience of a content creator.

Existing Platforms

Some of the biggest social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. They are a huge data giant. They have billions of users and they are a great platform for influencing. Many changes happened thanks to them. Being said that, these platforms also have many drawbacks. Some of the most commonly found are below


Most social media that currently exist are all centralized. What these social media provides to the user is a place where they can share their thoughts, ideas freely, get feedback, communicate with others and so on for free. Popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, the users are not even aware of any rewarding mechanism. The whole ecosystem is centralized and the data that is created by the users are all stored in a central space.

One of the biggest sources of revenue for social platforms is Advertising. Some platform relies heavily on ads and tries to get revenue. This not only makes the experience inconvenient but also unfulfilling. Then there's the quality and effectiveness of advertising. When relying too much on advertising, there's a matter of quality and targeted audience. When advertising, rather than the quality, the traffic is what taken into account. Traffic is not quality thus mass advertising lead to ineffective results and abusing and using of provocative posting. The end result is the loss of users and bad advertising.


On different social media, people often put up their real info on their profile. These data are very valuable and can be abused. Being centralized, the data are all in the same place and if there's any leakage, the privacy of many get lost and abused. Not only that, the company itself may sell these data to for effective advertising. Many popular social media had many cases of data theft and personal information leakage.

Distribution and Rewarding

There are some platforms which reward users for creating contents. Some platforms are YouTube, BJs, blogging sites. The creators are often not rewarded reasonably for their works. Content providers are often assigned with an unreasonable share of revenue distribution by the service provider. What's more, most of the profit of the platform goes to the operators and the shareholders where the user, the content creators get only a fraction.

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Foresting Features

Foresting offers a number of features which are not available on most existing social media platforms. As it is based on the blockchain, Foresting has advantages on many sides. Some of the attracting and powerful features of Foresting are below

User Interface

One of the core features of Foresting is how it's designed. The interface is the part that determines how comfortable users are when using the platform. Foresting is based on the blockchain, but to use the platform itself one requires no knowledge thus making it compatible with everyone. The UI is user-friendly, easy to understand. To make the experience even for enhanced, Foresting will adapt to the usage of mobile devices and making it accessible with anyone from anywhere with just a few clicks.
Coin Exchange

Foresting rewards the users for creating contents in the platform. To make sure that the content creators are rewarded fairly, Foresting will have a secure coin exchange from where they can convert their coins in money.

Different Categories

There are already a few platforms exists where the content creators get rewarded for the contribution such as Steemit. In some way, most contents in this platform are solely based on cryptocurrency, ICO, and blockchain and this makes it a community service platform rather than social media. Foresting will not be like that. Foresting will focus on major categories such as Fashion, Photography, Lifestyle, Beauty, Entertainment and much more.


The security is also one of the core features of Foresting. Foresting will take full advantage of the blockchain and create a platform where privacy is given full priority. The blockchain gives the platform the security everyone wants. With the help of the blockchain, Foresting encrypts everything including transaction details, transaction summary, previous transaction and other things and in the end making it secure from any leakage or privacy harm.

Effective Advertisement

Foresting does not depend on mass advertisements for revenue as it can harm the user experience. On Foresting advertising works differently. Advertisers can upload their advertisements and send proposals to the advertising pool and they can also communicate with certain content providers and put advertisements based on the article and concept. This way Foresting will make sure that the advertisements are effective, targeting the right audience and most importantly fairly rewarding the users.

Foresting Platform

Foresting Platform consists of three core elements. They are a compliment to each other and is not perfect without them. They are also the part that makes Foresting so attractive.
Foresting Social Media

Foresting is the primary social media of the Foresting Platform. Foresting is a combination of Networking, Connecting, Interacting. This platform allows anyone to share content, communicate like a traditional social network. This platform is designed to reward the content creators for contributing and creating reasonable contents. Foresting supports every kind of contents such as audio, video, image and so on.

Foresting Bank

Foresting Bank is dedicated to providing financial services to users thus they can focus completely on content creating on the Foresting network. Based on the contribution level on the platform, users will be presented with various financial services. Many factors will be looked into such as quality, coin acquisition and so on. Foresting wants the user to focus on content creating rather than facing financial difficulty with the help of Foresting Bank. This will lead to more quality contents, that is the target.

Foresting Labs
The purpose of Foresting Labs is to provide various support for content creators and assist them creating quality contents. Foresting Labs assist anyone to create quality content and provide them the equipment needed to do so. Giving up being a content creator for lack of equipment is not uncommon. Foresting Labs target is to eliminate that.

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ICO Details

• Token Symbol: PTON
• Token Protocol: ERC20
• Blockchain: Ethereum
• Total Supply: 24,000,000,000 PTON
• Token Price: 1 ETH = 33,333 PTON




Foresting is creating a unique platform for content creators and also social media. Blockchain usage is unique and used in a different way. Their potential is huge.

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