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On the planet today, nearly everybody adores to store their cash in some type of money related foundation or bank. This gives clients some dimension of affirmation realizing that their cash is in the hands of a sheltered and dependable establishment. Likewise Just as in reality money related saving money/foundations which offers emotionally supportive networks for clients and additionally having the likelihood of making utilization of computerized teller machine platinum cards, there's a developing requirement for the crypto network to likewise appreciate such managing an account benefits on the blockchain arrange tied down on cryptographic forms of money.

Envision an image where there's a cryptographic money bank where clients can spare their digital forms of money and furthermore approach client bolster and additionally likewise have virtual check cards to exchange, trade, and make installments online wherever and at whatever point the need emerges, the advantages of such a situation are colossal as it will acquire an enormous progressive turn the crypto economy in this manner giving financial specialists more extensive alternatives to amplify the functionalities of the ventures. All things considered, such a creative ability is at the skirt of turning into a reality as BITEX conveys realization to the previously mentioned creative energy for the crypto network.

What is Bitex

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BITEX is a stage offering most administrations that ordinary banks offers however based on the blockchain arrange. Similarly as in regular banks, Bitex stage will profit speculators the chance to look for advances inside the stage. The stage likewise has a program where clients can gain her XBX utility token and additionally a month to month markdown program where exchanges can be performed at limited rates. Clients of the Bitex stage will likewise approach virtual platinum cards for making exchanges on the web.

The Bitex crypto-managing an account arrangement is made to profit those that are inadequately or not served by conventional saving money framework. This new cryptobank will restore the plain reason for which a bank was made in any case (a foundation that enables the economy to work and develop by giving an approach to oversee reserve funds, give intends to installments and cash exchange, and encourage credits). The Bitex has recognized the Middle East and Asian markets, since they are developing and, from notice, require a strong cryptographic money based budgetary framework. It is imagined that, the effect of the Bitex stage will be best exhibited in these business sectors.

Problems Bitex Wants to Solve

Digital money and worldwide keeping money are practically perfect inverses. Truth be told, Bitcoin's milestone 2008 white paper expressly expressed that the purpose behind its reality to go around the customary "confided in outsider" spoken to by banks and government administrative organizations. Where, at that point, does Bitex and its local token XBX stand? Indeed, even digital currencies can profit by customary saving money capacities, Bitex contends.

"While making a crypto-keeping money arrangement, Bitex has been inspired by the need to return to the first reason for a bank, in particular an organization that enables the economy to work and develop by giving an approach to oversee reserve funds, give intends to installment and cash exchange, and encourage credits," Bitex expressed in its white paper. "By adhering to these fundamental capacities, Bitex trusts that crypto-banks can reestablish people in general's confidence in keeping money for this new cryptographic money based advanced economy, and evacuate the picture of insatiability and benefit looking for that present business saving money has tragically engendered by moving into theoretical resources and markets."

Bitex, at that point, trusts that its crypto-bank will work more like an open utility than a revenue driven business bank, however it ought to be noticed that Bitex is as yet a revenue driven organization and works a local token.

What are Bitex Features

• A decentralized, scattered and lasting record which can't be impacted by any single motivation behind disillusionment or exchange off.

• An overall scale, unlimited by national breaking points, though subject to national/neighborhood laws identifying with keeping cash and back.

• The ability to lead escrow portions through cryptography rather than ordinary, repetitive portion strategies.
• The ability to finish pseudonymous trades between social events where trust is gotten through cryptographic means rather than made contracts or outside supervision.

• Include cryptographic types of cash as equal assistants to fiat money related norms in trades between individuals, individuals and associations, and between associations.

Elements of Bitex

There are two key elements in the Bitex ecosystem. They are described below


Purchasers that desire to exchange cryptographic forms of money utilizing the crypto-trade administrations of the EZBitex stage will increase the population of a trading Wallet related with their record. The crypto resources in this wallet can be utilized for different requests for edge exchanging, restrict exchanging, use, and so forth. Buyers taking an interest in exchanging will pay exchanging charges named in every cryptographic money they offer while for fiat cash the expenses will be changed over into XBX at the current price rate on the EZBitex trade naturally.

BitexPay, the cutting edge installment answer for the two purchasers and traders.





ICO Details

• Token Symbol: XBX
• Token Protocol: ERC20
• Token Supply: 300,000,000 XBX
• Token Price: $1
• Token Sale Amount: 210,000,000 XBX
• Soft Cap: 1000 ETH




Bitex project is not just a regular project. They are taking the whole thing to a new level and to a large scale. Bitex is offering everything in one platform which is not available right now and nobody is thinking of doing these at this scale. The potential of Bitex is huge.

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