I’d love to throw some effort into this. Find me on Discord :)

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Hit me up on discord,

You have a fantastic presentation. And you can also meet with you.

Highly rEsteemed!

seems a good idea.
Why not try work over wikimedia? ... even over or one new steempedia ?

well, we're creating an independent database.. it will be open source, so anyone can use it, and it's not specifically steem related, although does contain steem\dpos resources

unlike the wiki sites, this will be a dynamic directory of links\images

everipedia also nothing for you?

everipedia, like wikipedia, are for creating content on various subjects with tons of references, I'm creating an index of links on everything related to crypto... the closest competing product I can think of is a social bookmarking site. the reference I'm creating would be useful for those participating in the collaborative content creation platforms. I see both ideas supporting eachother

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