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Hey Guys Alpha-Man is Back here With Another blog!

If you use steemit regularly then I am sure that you know about crypto and crypto trading because Steemit is decentralized Social Media Blogging Platform and Steemit Counts in Crypto..

If You have been Working on Steemit from long time then I am sure You Know these things but If You are new in steemit and in Crypto and in Crypto trading then You Must Know Somethings.

That is why I thought To help you and in this blog i will tell Somethings about crypto trading that you must know if you are new in crypto trading..

So Below are Some helpfull links given which you should must check out if you are new in crypto and If You have any questions regarding anything you can ask me in the comments or you can simply search it on youtube...…/cl-blockchain-basics-intro…/index.html

Now Lets Talk about Some Security.

If You are making a account on Exchange or Somewhere else , keep This thing in mind that you have to use different Passwords On Every Site..
Because if you use same password for all sites then If a Site get hacked and if Hackers Get the Users data of login then They Can just try the Same Password on Other Sites also and then your all account are in danger that is why use different passwords..

Make Sure you use 2 factor authentication On that Site, if that site supports 2 Factor Authentication..

These are the 2 Basic Things That you consider when it comes to security and Securing your account.

Now Lets talk about that Which are Popular Exchanges and where you can do trading...

There are 200+ Exchanges Where You Can do Crypto Trading But Below are the list Of Exchanges Which are Popular..

Here I am giving you some more help Links..

You Can get Info about crypto and You Can Get info ICO's from Reddit..

If You want to see market or Want to see market events then Check these websites

If you want to draw Charts or If you want to do Analysis then use these websites..

These are some youtube channel Where You Can learn alot about crypto So Make Sure to check them out

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