Cardano Webcast - 15.01.18 BEST VERSION!

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Cardano Webcast - 15.01.18

Best version!

We are delighted to confirm the first official Cardano!

On Monday 15th January at 3.30pm Lisbon time, we will be hosting a webcast with three special guests:

Charles Hoskinson, CEO and Founder @ IOHK
Duncan Coutts, Director of Engineering @ IOHK
Michael Parsons, Cardano Foundation Chairman

The panel will be answering questions previously submitted and voted on by the Cardano community!

Tips are appreciated!

BTC: 12c6sJPHioCFu58DbMQJrqxc35JvErF7tz
LTC: LQdKtvB51uinBYS46fidshjGwTxKMWjMi8
Doge: DKL5jUP9vTUhJUsYYkEMBTrv6tjicjFQPh
ETH: 0x2b53b1e89168ffad4Bf3617a812fD5712f659FFa
Cardano: DdzFFzCqrhskDRW6tn84XEAUTgDgPqpe6TezkaLyAZmw64apKfqc7k9hFcQEmWLnaphPYs8t8qUMhgGk7DSJZ4iDwm1SJUE2XfDY5i6y

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