XAYA, the ultimate gaming blockchain

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The gaming industry is rapidly growing and the size of online gaming is projected to increase in such a wider value. The industry is experiencing a revolution and it has the potential to grow with the diversity of the gaming option and new changes and structure being added. XAYA is one of such type.

About XAYA directly from the official site.

In 2013 the XAYA team introduced the
world to true blockchain gaming with the
Huntercoin experiment. Since then, they
have pushed blockchain technologies ahead
with several unique innovations.
Through several years of R&D, the team
proudly presents this new platform where
games can run serverless and unstoppable
on the blockchain with countless
thousands of games and millions of
Real asset ownership, new game genres,
completely decentralised virtual worlds, no
Central Servers.
SDK/API, documentation, examples and
support. No need for complex smart
contracts. Use any language you wish.
Cutting edge technology that allows for
limitless scalability, real-time trustless
gameplay and game worlds that support
millions of players.

How XAYA will change the world of gaming

XAYA has largely deal with problems affecting the growth of the online gaming which ranges from trust to cost to it centralized nature and problems arising from shutdown servers and has introduced a gaming world in a decentralized system where no server is required and can not alter a users gaming if any shutdown arises and it has worked in minimizing cost . XAYA has also through blockchain provide a better experience to gamers through graphical development and a world of virtual reality . XAYA through soccer manager as made it possible for user to game wherever and whenever they want with a provision of a private key to each user. This development is already changing the world of gaming and XAYA is making it possible.

Why is the team having worked on huntercoin, perfectly position to execute on their vision

XAYA success lies in the success of huntercoin. through success experience in huntercoin came about the first gaming on the blockchain and the decentralization of XAYA , it security measures and it ability to earn crytocurrency and the multiple players and ownership freedom.

Experience gathered from huntercoin and namecoin gave them a portal to see the possibility of a gaming in a much easier and safe environment.

Why security and fairness an integral part to decentralized gaming

Security and fairness ensures no game is rigged or act of fraudulence being experience.

From past experience, many users lost trust in online gaming, they believe being rigged. So the need for security and fairness comes in to avoid a user being affected by a third party .

Fairness and security build trust in users which makes it an integral part in decentralized gaming. No one bear the risk of another.

Why partnership with games such as soccer manager important in helping XAYA become mainstream

Soccer manager provides many good experience for users , such as it ability to be store in the cloud, being played whenever and wherever and it challenges to test your ability via multiplayer compete. This cons. Makes the gaming favourable in the users sight. It also provide a channel where one can train himself as a coach online.

It multiplayer ability invites thousand of people playing and this brings general acceptance. The gamers needs challenges and soccer manager has founded exactly the gamers desire. This could make the mainstream adoption faster.

What are some of the possibilities in combining XAYA blockchain scaling with VR technology

The possibilities is narrow, but then it can restricted to avoid going back or restarting after an agreement is meant.

A dictator can be initiated to monitor every move and a block program to avoid going back . But then strict Warning should be giving to players notifying them of their inevitability to restart when agreement is hold between players. To give them awareness of caution. Or a channel to report cheat

How will having hundred of thousands of users from soccer manager usingXAYA blockchain help the network in rapid mainstream adoption

-Through earning
-The more the user, the more it get trended


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