Meet Coin2Play, a Blockchain Project to Incorporate Masternodes into the Gaming Industry

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1.0 Masternodes

A Masternode is any computer device that is utilized in processing transactions on a blockchain and minting new coins for a particular cryptocurrency. Masternodes are an effective means of investment in cryptocurrencies as most masternodes offer high rewards system, hence they are a good means of growing passive income.
Also owners of masternodes, asides from being rewarded for their work in hosting nodes and processing transactions, they also enjoy the benefits of having an easy way to earn as Masternodes requires only an initial investment and minimal management expenditures to run them.

2.0 Gaming Industry

The gaming industry entails everything from a simple tetris game running through our mobile devices, to the high-end improved graphics, HD online videos games, it also includes the long lists of designers, producers and developers that put things in place to ensure that games are released, moreover the marketers and advertiser of gaming platforms are not neglected in this fold as they form largely a great percentage of movers to the success of the gaming industry.
The major challenge in the gaming industry is the challenge of value. In the 21st century people see money as value,asides the adrenaline rush, and the display of skills and expertise and taste for adventure, another basic means of value is monetary rewards.

However, this has not been made effective as games accrue point to users as a camouflage for monetary incentive. One would ask, what if there is a way to incorporate monetary value and incentives into games, making these games more valuable?

3.0 Coin2Play

Coin2Play is a cryptocurrency project with a the main goal of creating a decentralized fully secure and anonymous network to run applications which do not need a central authority.
Coin2play is an innovative approach to link the gaming industry with monetary incentives by using Blockchain technology, POS and Masternode Algorithms, running applications in a faster, better and safer means.
With a decentralized network of nodes, Coin2play team plans to enforce efficiency into the gaming and applications ecosystem, ensuring that games would have no single point of failure as seen in the centralized system, here nodes will be distributed to several parts of the world for effective decentralization.

Coin2Play is a hybrid POS and Masternode system, which makes it possible for staking of coins for any portfolios such as online games,especially casino and poker games, with easy to integrate APIs, Coin2play will deliver a new ecosystem in the gaming industry.

Coin2play Masternode holders earn 65% rewards from minting which is really high for a Masternode, making it a good means of earning passive income too, while stakers earn an impressive 35% ,meanwhile the collateral requirement of owning a masternode is 10000C2P

Coin Specifications:

Name: Coin2Play
Ticker: C2P
Premine: 500.000 C2P
Max. Supply: 50,000,000 C2P
Algo: Quark
Block Time: 60sec
Min.Stake Age: 15 Min
MN Collateral: 10.000 C2P
Rate: Masternode 65% / Stake 35%

Coin2play has partnered with Maxiemind to deliver a crypto casino soon

Introductory Video:

Mobile Application walk-through video:

Join The Discussion on Discord:

Coin2Play is Listed on MasternodePro
Daily income
0.00429088 BTC
214.6512 C2P

For More Information use the links below:

Also listed on MNO -


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Great review as always @iamchijamz. However I am curious, why casino and online games industry need blockchain? I thought there are already working solutions which provide fast and secure payments in such games.

All the best


hi @crypto.piotr,
first off, its been a while, i feel like it's been ages, hope your'e good?

However I am curious, why casino and online games industry need blockchain? I thought there are already working solutions which provide fast and secure payments in such games.

basically, online gaming platforms do not have real-life earnings, mostly they reward users with points that have little or no relevance to life issues, by incorporating blockchain technology, they can effectively mine cryptocurrencies with games and users can earn in cryptos rather than mere points.

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Great review about coin2play mate! I'm kinda curious to see it working.

Indeed an amazing project! I would really love to be part of this, how do I join? @iamchijamz


Join the discord channel sir,amazing things are happening there.

Awesome project, this is really wonderful, am a gamer and am hoping to get along with this, am joining the discord channel ASAP

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You're welcome sir

It is so nice to finally see a crypto project targeted for applications and gamers, am so happy about this, how do I join bro?


Join us on discord sir.thanks for stopping by

Great article bro, I really like this project, thanks for the explanation


Youre welcome, do well do join us on discord boss

I just read the announcement in the discord group, it seems they have a big announcement coming up? @iamchijamz


Yes boss, we are about to be listed on a mew exchange, very soon...anticipate.

This a well detailed analysis. Thanks for informing me about this coin


The boss is here, thanks for stopping by sir

Coin2play partnership with Maxiemind is really a great accomplishment for the project looking at their timeline