Top 5 Crypto Channels for News, Information, and Entertainment

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I'm sure there are a lot of you out there who are pretty new to the Crypto Market as I am. One of the things I do when I discover something new and compelling is research. In our modern digital world one of the ways to do some of the research is via social media. Youtube is definitely a good place to start. Of course there will always be good and bad resources (no matter where you look for ideas and insights) so you need to actually research some of your sources and pay attention to whether or not they have a grasp on what they're talking about. In the short time that I've been involved with Crypto I have stumbled accross many Youtubers who dedicate their channels to crypto. Some of these channels are a great source of knowledge and insight, some are frought with hidden agendas, and there those who are just plain vanilla and don't sway me either way. I am in no way trying to bash anyone through this post, nor have I been paid or have any type of relationship with anyone I may mention here. I am simply going to lay out (in my honest opinion) the best channels that I have found in my early days of Crypto discovery.
So here we go, My top 5 Crypto Youtube Channels.

           #5 DOUG POLK CRYPTO

Doug's channel is by far the most entertaining of my list. He has a great sense of humor and is definitely a great watch especially on a day when the market is in the deep red. I respect his open transparency as he admits that he is not an expert by any means, but he has a great way of explaining news and current events in the Crypto world. His recent video on the Senate hearing was a great breakdown of what occurred. I also gained a lot of respect for Doug as he was very bold in speaking out against the Bitconnect scam.


Dexter's channel is a great resource. He is very clear and breaks down the market in simple language. I believe he has a good grasp on Crypto as a whole. He is strong with technical analysis, with the ability to explain it to us laymen. I would welcome more videos from Dexter as he seems to produce the least amount of those listed.

         #3 CRYPTO COIN NEWS

Zack's channel is very impressive. As an already established Youtuber, he has certainly put together a great resource for all things Crypto. I believe this is the youngest channel on my list and they are already boasting 85k plus subscribers. CCC does a variety of formats including over all market snapshots, ICO features, Alt coin deep dives, and live streams on a good majority of days. They currently produce 3-5 videos per day and are planning to launch a nightly Crypto news stream and I am looking forward to seeing that take place soon.

        #2 ALTCOIN BUZZ           

Jeff and his team have put together an impressive channel as well. Altcoin Buzz is more than a channel, it's developed into a community. I appreciate the way they are very level headed in all of their content and coin reviews. They will not hesitate to call out a project even if they admit to having a stake. They produce quite a few videos daily and when news hits they are usually right on top things with updates. I also appreciate Jeff's attitude towards his audience. He is not always there to coddle investors or make everyone feel warm and fuzzy. He speaks his truth and it's very respectable.

       #1 CRYPTO 99                  

Danny's channel is not as large as the previous two listed but don't let that fool you. He is very well versed in the market and like Dexter has a great way of breaking things down for a newbie. He seems to have a lot of experience in other markets as his technical analysis (chart reading etc.) are truly impressive. His channel is not the most fancy either, but as pure content and knowledge goes, he's at the top of my list. I would welcome more videos from CRYPTO 99 as well.

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