You are Invited to The Honey Party in Puerto Rico Thursday, March 15 7:00 PM.

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The Premier Crypto Networking and Party Event!

The HONEY.PARTY at the Puerto Chico Marina, is brought to you by the incredible people from Academy School of Blockchain and Guld!

If you’re here for either of the Puerto Rican Conferences, you will not want to miss this party! The HONEY PARTY is in the perfect location owned and operated by one of the greatest Crypto Legends in the Space! Let’s make this the Crypto Party of the year!

Hosted by the AMAZING “Shining Star” of the Caribbean, the one and only, Ms Ingrid Suarez (check out her Instagram below,) and Co-host Joe Blackburn, Co-Founder of Crypto Coin Trader, as we welcome all of the CryptoSpace to throw down and wake the Caribbean Up to the Blockchain!

Oh, and I can’t leave out DJ CHRISTY as she’s preparing the vinyl to BRING THE HOUSE DOWN!

***Wear your Guayaberas!


2018-03-11 19_38_42-I N G R I D J. S U Á R E Z (@ingridjased) • Instagram photos and videos.png

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This looks like big fun @hilarski! Loved the "Wear your Guayaberas" note hahaha


I am ready, but sadly I can't make the trip this week. The team will have to do it without me.

Thank you very much for invite to honey party. I really want to go but i live in india . However i accept your honey party .

I accept your honey party.........
thanks for sharing.....

That's excellent news you gave @hilarski. "Honey Party "- sound would be awesome. Everyone, join with them.

I accept your honey party..
we going to enjoy the party.
thnx for shearing

Excellent, that of the Crypto party and the Guayaberas 🏃 @hilarski

wow...wonderful post @hilarski thanls for
sharing post

Hope the big guns discuss the drop we are going through....

Sir I'm your biggest fan, Nobody can't stop me from upvote you!

great post
I accept your honey party.........
thanks for sharing.....

interesting party in the city this is going to be fun and sweet :D

Now this is going to be a party of the year :D

invitations are on wow can't make it to there very sed life but who ever are going have fun and have some extra honey ;p

Dj CHRISTY in the building wow :D