What Crypto Investors Really Do.

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I Have to Admit This Is Exactly How it Was Especially Early On for Me.

My first few years in Crypto sure felt like I was a blind-folded monkey throwing darts and hoping for the best. I don't feel that way anymore but the image sure is a good representation of how society looks at us.

Have You Seen the Hilarski Steemit Playing Card by @Kus-Knee?!


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I am happy to follow you, oldtimer. ( even U R a bit younger than me)

That gave me a good laugh waking up , I like the idea of the cards , we should all have one. How’s the baby ??

lol... ya that pretty much sum it up now doesn't it?

PS you could have replaced the last image with this one and it would still be just as accurate...

Hey friend @hilarski ...keep up the good work in crypto and it's always great to see your report and always have investors to take the right decision for your post you really done a great work.

Shenzhen Forms Syntron Information Co. has fallen 22 percent since announcing in March an agreement to promote blockchain in Hong Kong and the banking industry. Easysight Supply Chain Management Co. has lost 18 percent since saying in April it will work with IBM to use blockchain. Compare that with the U.S., where companies making everything from juice to sports bras have seen their shares surge after announcing cryptocurrency ventures.

Crypto investors will be the most profitable people of your future

Computerized cash can make us rich to manage ourselves. I really assume that. In any case, what I moreover acknowledge is that it will impact us to adequately fit to serve the poverty stricken too.

It is completely troublesome for all to give. Each one is engaging in their own particular conduct. Regardless, that is the superbness of life is it not? One who has seen the serious time will recognize towards the one persevering. Such a one when free can instantly consider helping other individuals. When I put in tries to pick up, I should put in little undertakings along to share.

I think crypto will have a great future because his strategy is good in the digital currency world @hilarski

@hilarski sir...
Digital money can make us rich to deal with ourselves. I genuinely trust that. Be that as it may, what I additionally accept is that it will influence us to sufficiently fit to serve the penniless also.

It is absolutely difficult for all to give. Every one is battling in their own specific manners. In any case, that is the magnificence of life is it not? One who has seen the intense time will identify towards the one enduring. Such a one when independent can promptly consider helping other people. When I put in endeavors to gain, I should put in little endeavors along to share.

One might be poor out of absence of education, another might be expected life's weight of overwhelming obligations, another might be out of sheer apathy and some might be not able meet the sudden needs of life. In any case, the truth of the matter is same. They all need assistance. From numerous points of view it can be tended to.
Thanks sir...

lol Exactly how I'm doing it now! I read and read and try to learn but I am 'old' and wonder if it will ever click LOL. In any case, I'm having a blast! I heard you had a baby just recently and congrats to you and Ana <3

this is really relevant, especially when you feel like a monkey with blindfolds that aim somewhere where, but does not know where ... that is, it's an ordinary interpretation that not everything is as simple as it seems and there is a mountain of doubts and failures behind an ordinary crypto-investor, because we invest in doubtful coins ... But if you follow simple rules, you can avoid a lot

Jajaja that image is too much real

Congrats on the playing card! You will live in steemit infamy.

I am a newbie at crypto but really want to earn and invest a lot more in this space. Not only am I flying blindly in crypto investments I have very little experience with the who crypto technology. Just simply want to earn financial freedom but if I meet people that turn into friends it would also be good. Thanks.

good post sir ji thanks.

how is the baby hilarski,, say hello to him

I can relate to this one:

My first few years in Crypto sure felt like I was a blind-folded monkey throwing darts and hoping for the best.

Hi @hilarski, Though everyday, I'm learning something new through your posts yet I can't find a way to understand the basic concepts/terms related to a crypto coin that helps take the right decision regarding investment/trading. What's your advice on it?

Steem On!

@hilarski, Nice steemcard here. Awesome. Really funny meme indeed. Investors who have poured large sums into bitcoin, ethereum and other blockchain-backed currencies aren't just telling other people what to do. They have real skin in the game. When they tell people that they're holding on and not selling, you can be confident that they really do have faith in digital currencies.

The whole pic is right except the last one .
Im not the one who through dart in black .

100% True picture for cryto investors, I do agree. Now a days I'm thinking about #Verge day - Night. How / When will we earn money from this coin...?
And now I'm really in love with the Navy boy from Rochester NY. Actually you're my Mentor. I was nothing but you always supported me dear @hilarski. Keep smiling ever. This is so lovely picture with great caption:


haha. that's pretty funny. I tried explaining what I'm doing to people around me and I get the "oh-its-a-scam" comments all the time. There are so many people who don't even bother to get past all the bitcoin hype. I guess it will take so time before the masses warm up to the idea of crypto currencies and that it's here to stay.

Just awesome @hilarski and wife in steemcard. Nice post you sharing. As me, The easiest way to look smart is to buy bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and bitcoin cash, then hold them. It’s possible to become a millionaire in this market if you’re patient. Coinbase is the only mainstream exchange, so any coin on it automatically has an advantage of being more stable thanks to consistent demand.

Haha. Yep that sums up 95% of the crypto space. I have allot of mates who's due diligence on an investment looks alot like the final pic. No understanding except for it's going up and that's good enough.

Hahaha! you made my day . this is really what happens actually.

That is exactly what I am doing these last few months...blind folded monkey.

I fully agree, at first we are like blind kittens, and in the course of time we already have experience, we already know how to act.

A digital currency is an electronic balance that is electronically recorded on a card with a stored value or other device. Another form of electronic money is network money, which allows the transfer of value to computer networks, particularly the Internet. The money is also a claim on a private bank or other financial institution such as bank deposits. [3]

Digital money can be centralized, where there is a central point of cash supply, or decentralization, where cash supply can be controlled from different sources.
Thank you for sharing I appreciate your great effort

Yup I've seen this post and all others while you were traveling to participate the SF2.

Have You Seen the Hilarski Steemit Playing Card by @Kus-Knee?!
Sorry for an off topic question: do you have a channel at Dtube or YouTube?

You are absolutely right, at the very beginning we were all like blind kittens and now many still do not fully understand the advantages of crypto currency, but I assure you our time has come! Thank you @hilarski

Very important information that is grateful to you for your participation
You have some information
(Also known as digital money, electronic money or electronic currency) is a type of currency available only in digital form and has no physical presence (such as banknotes and coins). It has characteristics similar to physical currencies, but allows for instant transactions and unlimited transfer of ownership. Examples include virtual currencies, blind currencies, or even "digital compulsory cash" issued by the central bank. Like traditional funds, these currencies can be used to buy goods and services, but can also be limited to specific communities such as for use within an online game or social network. @hilarski. : D

Thanks for update and nice blog @hilarski
Well all the picture is beautiful and amazing. Your really enjoy ur living and social life.
Its very nice to see you post. Regarding crypto currency #RDD is also upper and block chain is increases. Now the time is very fast running and every try his best to invest in crypto currency and earn better.
Keep it man

Good information and very interesting,you are doing very perfectly and great.
This will help us to make it easier investors for us to understand that.
Thank you for sharing.

Great post sir and i support you... i think steemit has a great future..

This project sounds very intersting, thankyou for updates and i like copytrack and This will help us to make it easier investors for us to understand that....@hilarski

I figure crypto will have an incredible future since his methodology is great in the advanced currency world.
Upvoted and restemmed

You are absolutely right.
Upvoted and resteemed

Oh! nice post.

Thanks @hilarski
Have a nice day

That is exactly what I am doing these last few months...

Bwahahahha the best memo EVER :D No no no Randy this is MEEEE! :D

you are absolutely right, many investors in the crypto currency are often mistaken, or do not know what they are doing. They follow the advice or the crowd, so they are ready to risk their own means. But while the general trend is on the rise, many will remain in profit after a while

congratulations to you. You are a new star. Come in the form of a crypto Investors. The time to come is with you. Real hero

haha steemit was my first intro to crypto actually and then learned a lot by reading info here. it felt like that monkey at first though lol

In China, the hottest stocks in the past year have mostly been large caps -- often with links to the government -- as investors steered clear of smaller companies since an equity bubble burst in 2015. The authorities have also made their disapproval of cryptocurrencies known, outlawing initial coin offerings in September and calling on local exchanges to halt virtual currency trading.
“Many listed firms’ development of blockchain technology is still premature so it’s unlikely to contribute meaningfully to earnings, ” said Wang Chen, Shanghai-based partner with XuFunds Investment Management Co. “While investors largely ignored small caps to pile into big caps last year, making it all the more difficult for blockchain stocks to deliver returns.”thanks for sharing your great info..
have a good day...

Umm, yeah I can't believe how accurate this is :D Especially the last part, since I'm fairly new to cryptos, I always hope for the best if I decide to invest into something...

I just follow you cause your posts seems to be informative post you can find similar crypto news on my steemit that might be productive for you too...

So people just copy and pasting from Reddit now and getting tons of votes? I don't know why I even try.

Thank you for sharing post sir @hilarski

funny meme @hilarski
i can relate it

Dart Throwing picks HAHAHA

The "what my mother thinks I do" is so accurate. Whenever I talk about my workings with crypto she says "As long as its not illegal!!"

That does indeed seems like few are doing including me right now for some coins lol ;)

Nice topic conversation. There are three major good reasons to invest in cryptocurrencies. First, because you want to hedge your net-worth against the fall of the Dollar imperium, which is assumed by many people to inevitably happen at some time. Second, because you support the social vision behind cryptocurrencies that of a free and hard money for the whole world. Third, because you understand and like the technology.

omg this has nicely illustrated everything..at the beginning it is really hard to convince them..it was quite harder for me to convince my parents about this..but now they still dont understand the concept but they know that im not wasting time :)

You are a star now. Congratulations~

Ahahah so true

Hilarious 😂 but honestly, crypto investors are likely to be the next rich people of the digital age. And of course you have to do your own research, invest wisely and not get too emotional.

This is great! You could also add "What the media thinks I do" and show a picture of a kid wearing a dunce cap with a pin wheel, picking his nose.

Actually this the situation I am facing now! Where did you find it :D One more thing, congratz friend! @kus-knee do correct selections! Last time it was @exyle! Now you! Congratz for been a star! You deserve this position as @exyle do!


The photo is really funny.
Crypto investors has big potential in the future and it might be the next evolution of trading system.

That's exactly how I felt initially. It's actually thanks to people like you, Randy, that I now feel much more in control of WHY I'm investing in certain projects. Thanks for all you do!

This is also my same problem .... Ha ha ha ha



Yep that sums up 95% of the crypto space. i've allot of mates who's due diligence on an investment looks alot just like the final percent. No understanding except for it is going up and that's properly enough.

investors be like

This is the perception of any new emerging technologies before hitting the mass adaptation ;)

ot post of the day

your confestion show us how struggle on this crypto platform, it was not ab easy to established in this platform, hats off to you!

That meme got me laughing.🤣🤣.
Btw what is that playing card about. I went through the actual post and still confused.