What are You Doing About Your Privacy? I am choosing TIGOCTM!

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Bringing truly Secure OpenSource hardware and software to computing. Trust no one. Verify.

Buy the ICO now TIGO CTM

Did You Know TIGO CTM is Building a Manufacturing Facility Here in Panama?

The facility will be located in the Panama Pacifico Free Zone. This tax free zone located in the Republic of Panama was an ideal location for TIGO CTM. They will be building computers, servers and in the future Crypto ATM's and mobile phones.


Why Buy the ICO?

The ICO is actually a coupon towards the purchase of TIGO CTM hardware. The ICO has already raised almost $1 million! I will be taking delivery of my computer as soon as the first batch is completed. TIGO CTM devices will run on Gentoo Linux with GULD as its operating system.

Buy the XCM Token Directly on ForkDelta.



wow excellent post, privacy is important and no doubt this ICO also looking promising and definitely worth purchasing TIGO CTM hardware.

This is what I call an invention in the world of cryptocurrency. Everyone is in dire need of such type of security equipment to face the future attacks on crptos. Very nice share and well in time. Going to explore more and then will order. Thanks dear @hilarski!

It does indeed looks like a promising ICO !

Will look into it buddy !

@hilarski All right, I was waiting for Tigo. One question, do I have to register here? https://tigoctm.com/id/

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Thanks for sharing these slides @hilarski, when you mentioned them earlier i was excited to see what they would be like.

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Cryptoes are future.........

Interesting project. I'd be interested if they have a mini-desktop model. I don't particularly care for the large desktops, but security may just trump size.

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This is such a precious info/product. Can't wait for it to be out! Thanks Randy!

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