John Gentry of Superior Coin will Be Speaking at the Panama Blockchain Embassy Tonight!

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Join us Tonight at 6pm with @JohnGentry .

Q&A by Nathan and Michael Senn about Superior Coin , Kryptonia and the Recent Hard Fork.

The Panama Blockchain Embassy is Located in the Balboa Boutiques.


Thanks Randy and I look forward to speaking to everyone tonight and also learning about what people in interested in within the blockchain space, and industry. Panama will be on the cutting edge moving forward and I look forward to be apart of that new move upwards along with everyone here in Panama.

I will be there to hear John Gentry of Superior Coin speak. Come early to get a good seat. Thanks for the share.

Great! we need to get more activity happening here. There is allot of people interested in the crypto/blockchain space here. So much to talk about on many subjects.

Enjoy the get together, wonderful how small this world is, especially in crypto.

Thanks for the share, Superior Coin hard at work.

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john Gentry leader of blockchain coin.

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Innovation and evolution are the things required to run the world in the direction of development. Without these qualities we won't be able to see the present era of world since the stone age.

I think it should be intresting and Panama will be on the cutting edge moving forward and I look forward to be apart of that new move upwards along with everyone here in Panama.

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