GULD Launches Guld Legal and Guld ERC20

in crypto •  9 months ago

Guld.Legal will host a library of opensource, P2P contracts and resources. Guld Legal Documents documents are all customized for peer to peer use. While they were written for guld, they are compatible with Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptographic signing functions.

Guld is Now Available as an ERC20 Token.

Convert GULD to ERC20 GULD via gai ERC20 command for a flat 0.1 GULD fee.

Guld ERC20 Contract Address:
Guld ERC20 Source Code:
Guld ERC20 English Contract:
Guld Telegram (gai access):

The First Guld Listing Will be Coming Soon!

Guld Bounties.

There are a number of large Guld bounties available for lawyers and law firms. Please ask one of the people listed on or email the team at [email protected] if you would like to contribute.

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