DECENT.Bet, DBET Delisted from Cryptopia Along with a Stack of Other Coins.

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There are Some Options for DBET Hodlers so Don't Worry.

We all know that Holding our coins on centralized exchanges is a bad idea. Like many of you I sent DBET to Cryptopia. I had my sell orders placed. Well, overnight Cryptopia has made a decision based on coercion from the New Zealand government to delist coins deemed financial instruments.

Email from the Cryptopia Team.


Wallet Options for DBET Owners.

1. Decent.Bet Wallet on Your Computer. Click Here to Download.


2. You Can Send Them to Your MyEtherWallet.

3. If You have not learned your lesson yet, you can send them to HITBTC.

4. I do not recommend anyone use Yobit for storage of coins.

Trading DBET.

  1. IDEX is Your Best Option. It is a DEX or Decentralized Exchange.
  2. ForkDelta
  4. Yobit

The Era of Delisting Coins.

2018 is the year of the war between Decentralization and the Centralization. Governments do not like what we are doing and will make every effort to have coins that are deemed securities delisted. Exchanges like Cryptopia are centralized which means a government can take them down. So in the interest of survival they have chosen to delist DBET and the others. This will not stop the success of DBET. The rise of Decentralized exchanges is here. So start supporting exchanges like IDEX and Fork Delta.



I sent all my tokens at the pc wallet i like to have the control of my money. Regards

It's time of several projects to come together and to begin creating the decentralized infrastructure we need to survive.

Great resource, now I don't need to put in the effort of doing the research myself! I'll probably just take my tokens offline for the time being, but IDEX seems like a good option for the future since I tend to like all things decentralized.

I got onto Cryptopia basically just for DBET, so now I have no reason to use that exchange anymore. Governments... ruining everybody's time. Damn the man.

Upvoted and Resteemed.

2018 has been a year of decentralization and centralization indeed. Am definitely going to download wallet app on my phone atm.

This won´t stop DBET, but I would say it will slow it down, which is exactly what the gouvernements want. They already realised that cryptocurrencies and decentralization is here to stay and revolutionize, what they are trying to do, is delay the inevitable so they can have some more years exploring the actual broken sistem.

Can they please list on Openledger that would be cool!

Decentralize exchangers are the way for future, this is the only secure and safe exchangers for trading and storing our assets from the government and hackers. Everyone should switch to a decentralize exchangers

Easydex is the newest decentralized exchange to run on the bitshares blockchain. For those that had problems with Openledger. Cryptobridge and Gdex are the other 2.

Great information, always read your articles to inform me about cryptocurrencies

damm they too remove coin i didn't knew about this thanks for this update time to transfer the coins

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