A first in the world: Estonia is 'virtual currency'.

in crypto •  last year

Estonia has announced that it will move to a virtual currency application called "Estcoint", which enables transactions on the Internet.

How has Estonia managed to escape from the big economies in the "virtual valuta" project, where serious work has been done on many countries of the world? The secret of this job is to be sought in the serious steps that Estonia has made towards becoming an 'internet republic'.

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I hadn't heard that. Do you have a source?


Thank you! That's great! Not that my upvote is worth a ton, but I upvoted. I think this is a huge step for them. Along with this step, though, they should make sure they have a robust internet network throughout all parts of their country. I would say both the currency and the infrastructure will need to be worked on simultaneously. This also will bring great wealth to their country because people like you and me will likely pick up some of their coin early on. Thank you for sharing!

Estonia is becoming a cybernetic paradise within the European Union. I had also read in the BBC that they accepted electronic residence or something similar.


Electronic books in schools and e voting too...
Well done Estonia