News headlines: Well-known Hollywood actors will join forces in a new movie about cryptocurrency money laundering later this year

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Walmart’s patent aims to develop a system to manage energy consumption and regulate demand on an electrical grid using BTC and other cryptocurrencies


A Spanish blockchain company is developing an Ethereum-based blockchain solution that will allow parties to legally/contractually transfer ownership of crypto assets


With BTC futures down 55% in 2018, analysts weigh in on the controversial allegations that Tether is being used as a shorting mechanism to manipulate markets


The EOS mainnet has officially gone live after the 15 percent - or 150 mln - positive vote threshold was hit yesterday, June 14


Ripple’s global head of infrastructure innovation expects India’s central bank to rescind its crypto ban, based on its inquiry into own digital currency


Well-known Hollywood actors will join forces in a new movie about cryptocurrency money laundering later this year


The Port of Rotterdam Authority has signed a cooperation agreement with Dutch blockchain startup CargoLedger to use the technology for cargo tracking


The president of CBOE said that yesterday’s statement from an SEC official noting that Ethereum is not a security could clear the way for the release of ETH futures


Here’s why US regulators launched two criminal probes into crypto price manipulation within last three weeks

Source: Cointelegraph


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