I just had a quick look, are they crazy to have 1 BTC price as ₹8,30,050.01 ? Its way high man.

right. explore the deposit method, there are tips of 30% & even higher. I normally buy LTC and then convert it to steem via blocktrade.

First I will have do the set up and provide all documentations, and then only I can do something. But still I do not see a INR / LTC pair , let me create the account and then we will see.

Share your referral code, if at all I buy from bitbns, then at least it should get something to you.

here is the referral code:- 124127
Thank, Cheers

LTC/INR pair is there.

I did use the referral code and in verification stage, but I still could not find details on tips. Can you share a link ? Their FAQs are not helping a lot. Searched for tips and did not find anything relevant.

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