List of Electroneum pools

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Hello again,

Here is a list of pools, where you can mine Electroneum - fee 1% - fee 1% - fee 0.5% - fee 1.5% - fee 0% - fee 0% - fee 0.1% - fee 1% - total fee 4% - total fee 4% - total fee 4% - total fee 2% - block fee 0% payment fee 3% - fee 0% - fee 2% - fee 1% - fee 0% - fee 0.4% - fee 2%

Feel free to add more in the comments. Please note that pool owners might change the conditions for mining on their pool, so fees, payment thresholds etc. might change.

Happy mining!


Missing They are providing one of the best Electroneum mining pools, running under permanent ddos-protection. They are at 0.0% fees and it will forever stay like this. Also on facebook :

You're missing with 0% blockfee and 3% payment. And they have browser mining! No desktop software is needed! Just mine directly from your browser!

Hi, Please can you add new pool Cloud based to Amsterdam Netherlands Europe, Fees 0.5% Minimum Payment: 5.00 ETN!

Added, cheers!

Also you're missing with 0.9% blockfee and payment directly to cryptopia or your wallet !

It seems they have removed the browser mining option

Yes, I was just looking and not seeing that

just found another one very user friendly and they have a simple configurator to use tho still a small pool but with very low fees 0.4%

Added to the list, cheers!

Gone now...

Can you please add the latest Electroneum Mining Pool . It's 0% mining fee pool for now.

Hi Gugs, thank you for your effort ! Woulde it be possible re-organize them by continent ?

Hi and thanks for the nice words, I've made new post with updated list.

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Hi, Please can you add new pool Cloud based to Amsterdam Netherlands Europe, Fees 0.5% Minimum Payment: 5.00 ETN!

Des Gros MENTEUR , pour mieux vendre leur ICO !!!

Mais mining Tablet et Mining Phone sont !!!! ou !! ?????

Ethereuneum is NUL !!!! 0, 000 !!!!

Capture du 2018-02-19 07-55-11.png

Attrape NIGOS !!!!


photo_2018-02-13_05-12-16 (4).jpg

AirDrop Phoneum - Mobile only cryptocurrency! Let your smart mobile device do the mining for you! Airdrop 2.0 Now Available! Join Now!

photo_2018-02-13_05-12-16 (2).jpg

!! Eletr... !!!!!!


Please add us

Our first pool - ELECTRONEUM:
Right now it's only useful for guys(or for a group) who can make block per day. And It's not needed to share your income with others.
Join ) And check!

etnpool has a dynamic maximum 1% blockfee. They lowered their fee. It can get lower when the hashrate rises

This pool is missing from the list:
Total fee is 0.2%,
Support Claymore TLS/SSL protocol,
Payout every 10 minutes if balance higher than 20 ETN,
Fixed diff support to avoid Nicehash difficulty errors

Hey Guys!

You're welcome to join our electroneum mining pool.

-1% Fees
-Ddos protection
-Servers with 24/7 support.
-Payout at 1 ETN / 10 Minutes

Website :
Discord Channel :

Hey! Take a look at the New ETN mining pool HeroMiners.Club. 0% fee for a limited time! Payment threshold at 10 ETN with 0.01 ETN fee. Come mining with us ;)

Please add We've been around for a month, fee is 0.5%, we have 24/7 support and currently have between 5 and 6 MH/s. We also ban pool hoppers from our pool, so don't even try :)

Please add Minimum payouts 5 ETN, Pool fee only 0.1% + easy GUI Windows CPU miner for Windows users.

New Electroneum Pool (Today started) Minimum payouts 20 ETN, Pool fee 1.5%.

NON de Big Shit - i am geek0 , Bouffon ETN !!!! ETN Big Shit

Will test some of them and try how much I can earn in few days...

At the moment it's very profitable to mine, also I think it has huge potential as project.

It takes about 2 days for me to mine 1 ETN on, so that is what I use for comparison. I try to test two pools at the same time, so it won't take too many days to reach minimum withdrawal threshold on each pool. It doesn't make sense to use more than 1 core for each pool unless the pool has fix for the difficulty adjustment bug. For most pools using the default configuration, the difficulty increases after few shares so much that the Stratum proxy thinks difficulty must drop below minimum level and can't recover without restart. This affects mostly machines that are on middle of the difficulty range for specific Stratum proxy port configuration.

Please add Pool fee 0.6% with payouts every 10 minutes at 20ETN. Vardiff with Nicehash friendly port ( port 9100 tested with no rejected shares). Discord channel for support.

Please add my young pool on this list, too. , fee 0.4%
Great thanks. Nice list.

Added a new ETN pool. Low payout minimum and a low fee. Payments set to send hourly. Help us secure the network but throwing some hash power at our pool and help us find our first block!


Please can you add new pool to your list.
Cloud based to Paris France Europe
Fees 2%
Minimum Payment: 20.00 ETN

Thank you,

Anyone know why this is no longer working today? It redirects now to ..

Can you please update ? WE have 0% poolfee 0% payment fee and custom payment threshold (miners can determine their own payment threshold from 1 ETN!)

new pool @
0.6% Fees
Payout at 20 ETN

hey there, feel free to join our pool - literally the best ETN mining pool around ;) we are dedicated to provide best experience in simplicity of mining ETN's, we have 9 blocks found already, join us and see by yourself ;) oh, and the best part - pool is PPLNS with only 0,1% fee :)
p.s. could post writer update the list?

Firing up a new pool at until we have some bigger miners on it will be a few days between payouts but they will be big. Also we dropped the pool fee to 0% .

It is hosted in the Azure cloud and should be very stable and fast!

Please add with 0% BF and 1.5% pool fee. Payouts at 10 ETN Thx!

This pool is missing from the list:
Total fee is 0.1%,
Support Claymore TLS/SSL protocol,
Payout every 10 minutes if balance higher than 20 ETN,
Fixed diff support to avoid Nicehash difficulty errors
More details:

Please add our pools as well to your list above. USA USA CANADA ASIA NEW ZEALAND AUSTRALIA INDIA MALAYSIA FRANCE

Thank you for your help. new but very well established ETN pool with lots of features for everyone who are interested in cryptocurrency mining! our blocks are very lucky ;) join us now!

New Electroneum (ETN) pool focused on stability and security based in the U.S.A. No fee, HTTPS secured, fair payouts.

Pool Address:

113 Kh.PNG


  • 0% fee
  • DDoS Protected
  • Dedicated Nodes
  • Monitoring/Stratums
  • NiceHash Support
  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • 50 ETN Payouts

Come check us out at: -- FREE (0%) pool with no fees. 24/7 online with DDOS protection.

Very reliable pool: can you please add it as well? Miners everywhere should know this pool, it's going to be big.

New Electroneum (ETN) Pool:

and May the "Crypto" be with you...

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