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BS still survives


In June 2017, Bancor made ICO history and nearly crashed the Ethereum network in the process. The project raised over $150 million in 3 hours.

It is a decentralized exchange that allows users to convert between any 2 tokens at an automatically calculated price without counter parties. Rather than connect buyers with sellers, like many other exchanges do, Bancor automated the process, using smart contracts to create liquidity. Because of its affordability, ease-of-use, and in-built liquidity, many new projects are now opting to list their tokens on Bancor with its 24-hour trading volume exceeding $2 million.


BAT is an Ethereum-based digital advertising platform created by the co-founder of Mozilla & Firefox and the creator of JavaScript. It aims to make digital advertising more efficient by cutting out unscrupulous intermediaries. The company plans to do this by incentivizing participants, such as internet users, content creators/publishers, and advertisers, with a cryptocurrency token.

Their flagship product, the Brave browser, allows readers to earn tokens for viewing advertisements. Content creators and publishers get rewarded when readers spend time on their content, and advertisers increase ROI by targeting audiences that are actually interested in their products.

REP Reputation

Prediction markets first ever decentralized prediction market.
ORCLE >> When Reputation holders report honestly, they earn more Reputation. When they report dishonestly, they lose their Reputation.


Read more at https://cryptotradernews.com/cryptocurrency/10-ico-successes-built-on-the-ethereum-network/


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