Have You Noticed How Amazon Are Appearing More and More in Your Brave Desktop Adverts?

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I have been using the Brave browser since July of last year and I have not been disappointed. Not only has it blocked a ton of very annoying and intrusive commercial adverts and messages that I would ordinarily be forced to look at while surfing and accessing the net, but I have accrued 250 BAT for the privilege. For me that's a win win situation. For those of you that have not started using the Brave browser I strongly urge you to give it a go, it will massively improve your whole internet experience and you earn money! What other browser blocks adverts and pays you to select only the ones you like?!


I honestly think that the BAT token will have a breakout moment because BAT has genuine utility and a huge amount of appeal. It has a genuine chance of hitting mass adoption and if that happens expect the price of BAT to surge. If we are to really experience an altcoin season then expect that price to increase further.


However, just these past couple of weeks I have noticed that Amazon has started using Brave to distribute its own advertising campaign. It's been using Brave as a platform for advertising for some time but just lately it has significantly stepped things up a gear. Now on the one hand if Amazon have noticed the potential of Brave that will increase the value of BAT, which is great for all of us. But in the past week Amazon have saturated my desktop with their adverts, almost taking over every single advert I received from Brave. Don't forget for those of you unfamiliar with Brave, throughout the day you receive desktop notifications about an advert, but you chose to either close it or open the advert. Either way you earn some BAT for each advert. But yes Amazon are balls deep in Brave it seems.

Hopefully that could result in a stronger price for BAT but I also worry that over exposure of one company will have other negative implications for the whole Brave ecosystem.

Thanks for swinging by.



Do you know where I can find one of these? No? Then let me help you with that.


Yes, getting the same.

In fact just as I loaded this post another Amazon Prime Brave ad popped up!

They are becoming more frequent for sure. Not a bad thing but not necessarily a good thing. Having Amazon invest in Brave in this way will help to legitimise the Brave operation and boost confidence in BAT. However, if all people are seeing all day are Amazon adverts it means the overexposure of Brave users to Amazon, and a company establishing a dominant profile within the Brave ecosystem.

Unfair, I have 4 brave browsers and maybe get 2 adverts a day. They are advertising to the rich, this is discrimination I tell you. Where is my pitchfork...

Lol! You mean you want to be bombarded with Amazon commercial messages all day?!

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