Cryprocoins with this weeks biggest gains

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In a week of a lot of "red's" it is good to took a look back. Which altcoins made the biggest losses and which coins made the biggest gains.

Last week was week full of dips. The weekend of the 14th looked like a weekend of recovery, but Korean news took us back down, with a low of the total marketcap of 417.000.000.000. Looking at the avarage of last week you can get a better view of which coins kept standing, and which coins could have made you a big loss. But on the other hand, these coins might give you a good buying opportunity.

Open Monday 15-01Close Sunday 21-1% Growth

Based on the data from, you can see that the total coinmarket dropped an avarage 20,21% in one week.

Top 5 biggest Gainers
PlaceCoinopen Monday 15-01Close Sunday 21-1% growth

As you can see, VeChain made the biggest gain, in a market wityh a downtrend. First registration of VeChain dates from 22-08-2017, opening at $ 0,24. Five months later we have a price of 7.88, which gives a growth of 3284%! For me, one to watch!

Biggest 5 Losers
PlaceCoinopen Monday 15-01Close Sunday 21-1% growth
39KuCoin Shares$14,30$9,44-33,99%

As you can see, Ardor is the coin that lost the most last week, with almost 54%, opening at $ 2,39 and closing at $1,10. Ardor has been moving round $ 0.03 till April 2017, and expanded to a high of $ 2.55 on the 16th of January. One to watch.


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Thanks for the update, the crypto's are on the move again. I especially have VeChain on my radar as of late. There are some nice gains to be made by betting on some of the lesser know coins.
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do you really think market correction is over ?? realiy nice post thanxx for all the info .... by the way new on steemit i am also a photoghapher plz support if you like my posts .... thank you in advance

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