Crypto Craziness

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It is so easy to get pulled in to the crazy returns of Crypto

This article
talks about some people who made mad money by investing in Shiba Inu. The crazy returns seem to defy all logic. I still don't understand the NFT craze. Why does randomly generated 8 bit art make people go crazy? I understand the rarity thing driving up value, and the "golf club" type benefits to owners. In a way it seems to me that the investors exult in crazy or silly things. It has a bit of a rebellious vibe to it.
I could have invested so much more in DOGE, but it seemed so silly. Even the founder didn't seem to take it seriously. I am starting to understand the rebellious vibe that seems to fuel these things. Hopefully I can find a winner and retire too. :-)
Take care and thanks for reading!

photo by Andre Tan from Unsplash

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