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It arrives to the world of the blockchain of video games, since 2013 and today comes finally the project within the Blockchain, without servers and unstoppable in the chain of blocks with countless thousands of games and millions of players, using the language you want, with technologies that allows unlimited scalability, gameplay without confidence in real time and game worlds that support millions of players, with coins that allow you to play and have them in real time, ie with real ownership of assets, new types of games, virtual worlds completely decentralized, without central servers.

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What is Xaya?

Xaya is a virtual trading platform of assets, developed on virtual universes in the chain of blocks, with the development of games, will create pressure for a high yield of its currency: Chi. If the games work well, and are accepted by the universe you can expect a better performance of the currency within the market.


The hobby has become money.

If you thought that you spent hours playing for nothing, today with the new technology of Xaya, we do not need to stop playing, for many years I am a fan of video games, we did not have internet, or had a console or a computer to spend hours playing, with the advent of the internet opened new horizons because it is not only playing with someone present next to you, but we could play with thousands of people in the world, currently with the arrival of Xaya you play and make money, plus there are games that became professions for many users, I bet Treat Fighter simple: I have fun and win coins.

What is the current problem?

It comes given from the developers as the players (users), their developers say that "The time and cost from concept to market is huge", while for the players the problem lies simple "time is money". These two problems are fed back, with the passage of years and technological progress more and more games are demanded, fewer and fewer projects reach players or users due to time constraints and high costs of the teams of developers. The solution? Of course it will scale fast and secure, and the problem would be solved on the Xaya platform through the game channels.





Xaya arrived to stay, with sales of their tokens since September 7, a way to have assets and have fun at the same time. It is not a simplicity comes from the union of several projects, the important thing is that today to my way of seeing things is to revolutionize in the field of the block chain where we know it is the safest thing, now play is not to waste your time, buy in your games but they are worth in real time is something we know that will not remain in the subreal world, but in the universe of crypto currencies. THINK IT Play, have fun and win.

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Case of use:

Now you want to play Treat Fighter on a professional level, you will not have any problem if the server is down, the game will continue without any problem because it is not subject to servers but directly to the blockchain ie the fast platform and security, you know buy the best weapons and you will have in real time your coins.


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For more information watch this short video!


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