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In Galactic 123, you explore planets, and earn tokens. Play for free at

The game primarily works with WAX blockchain NFTs, and most of the tokens earned are in said blockchain. NFTs can grant various bonuses inside Galactic 123, such as better drills and better spaceships, to earn more tokens.

You can easily get a WAX wallet online, no downloads needed, at , which will allow you to store, send, and receive WAXP (the main crypto in the WAX blockchain, tradeable for other crypto at Binance), as well as XYTE and ECR (both Galactic 123 tokens, tradeable for WAXP in Alcor).

The game also has a 3D mode when visiting planets, which plays like an RPG game. Beating up monsters will also earn crypto tokens for you. Players can also buy and own planets in the game with the Planet Ownership Certificate NFT, which gives extra rewards and more gameplay options.

Galactic 123
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Below are our website and our various social media information:

Web Site:

Telegram Group:


See you there soon!


Is Wax its own blockchain?

Yes, it is its own blockchain. Visit for more info. They have a web wallet called MyCloudWallet so dont even need to download anything.

Man all of this looks so cool, looking forward to it :)

Thanks for using steemegg.

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