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I do not have much knowledge of virtual games but I do know that for a long time there are people who play thousands of these games that become fashionable and not so well known but serve as an alternative for the person who wants to take a look at this world.
A virtual world that needs dedication and time, what some people do not see as a game but as a job.
Blockchain technology is so fashionable that I experiment on this side and launch a new gaming platform.

xaya gaby.png


Xaya a decentralized game platform that shows tools to create blockchain games. Providing security and confidence for those who want to use it.
No servers will be used and therefore will be autonomous you will have the power to decide for your assets within the game, exchange or save them on your own.
An advanced platform that provides control of what you want to play protecting what you win in your game and that you can use it in other games if able to reach the last level to give an example.
If you play in a game and you have completed all the levels now that you do; good this platform gives you the disposition to have them to continue playing other games and that your assets increase.
This age of video games has become so important that making it more convincing and with protection and efficiency will be of great importance because it opens many people who will want to venture and find Xaya who arrives to decentralize this world of video games.
This will attract the attention of players and developers in an instant because even me; that in my life I have played a game of these I am intrigued to know its advantages and benefits because it is for friends that income is generated and you know many people playing in this virtual world.
For developers who are a key player in all this, they will be given the control to generate their ideas and carry them out, be it to generate assets and their profits are token generated by our platform with their Xaya CHI currency that they can exchange as well.


With blockchain hand in hand with this platform the virtual world and that of videogames will change significantly due to its expansion in a scalable way that flows with this technology. It does not limit the games or its players which will be ingenious because that is why there are negatives in different games for having an exact amount of players and having some level to play or have assets but XAYA ARRIVED TO CHANGE THIS WORLD.

¿Why are alliances with games like Soccer Manager important to help Xaya become mainstream?

Because the more people are interested in these games, the more people know about XAYA, the players will have benefits because they will know how soccer is played with the experts and there is a lot of tuning for soccer where men and women play without distinction. great initiative

We want many people to review and see the benefits of XAYA will have many more advantages over time.

¿Why is the team working at Huntercoin perfectly positioned to execute its vision?

The experience gives knowledge and this was generated in this case, but we must be on par with the technology and the boom at this moment is the blockchain and this will not be the case of updating; improved and renewed for their users, experience is what is left over in this platform.
Having worked with Huntercoin leaves good knowledge skills that are put to scale in this great and ingenious virtual world and video games that is a platform or service that does not go out of style if not renewed day after day and as not with profits from now with virtual coins or the cryptocurrencies that have been the boom at the moment, this platform comes with everything and ready to provide a quality service.

Road map

xaya mapa vial.png



xaya for all

the world of video games and virtual reality is strongly rooted, every day born better video games and platforms that develop very fast, the only barrier is the centralization that isolates everyone in your site, something more plural is not allowed inside of the market, the mere fact of decentralizing the market and being more open is a huge advantage

the power to offer a game where users are free will be the future, you will not be alone, you can change assets of different games, it is enough to only belong to a platform if you can be part of a whole, XAYA will make it possible

the blockchain games will gain ground and become a complete world, every game, every platform born within this macro system, everything that can be created is incalculable, there are no limits when it grants all the tools and freedom to reality virtual and the game videos, everything will be possible here

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