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Introduction to the IoT world:

The IoT is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that have unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data through a network, without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interactions.

What is IONChain and how will it impact the IoT industry?

• IONChain is a non-profit project, which focuses on improving and expanding IoT technology, with the aim of solving problems such as:
• data security
• data circulation
• share data
• data transactions

One of the great goals that has been proposed is to create a network where all devices can communicate without problem, and are compatible by standardizing data, which will be a great improvement for IoT.

Another of the long-term goals of IONChain is the "One device, one currency, one code" project, which is based on the standardization and reading of the data in each device with software and IONChain code.

The impact of IONChain will be imminently good, helping to improve and expand the IoT world.

Let's talk about the team!

IONChain has a team specialized in the subject, experts in their field of work. The founders of IONChain are experts in cryptocurrencies and the digital market, their place of origin is the country of Singapore, and they have now grown and expanded their offices to other countries. It should be noted that this project was created non-profit, something admirable.

How can the IONChain ecosystem improve the way smart devices are used and communicate with each other?

IONChain with the objective of standardizing the data transmitted by the various devices seeks to improve the ecosystem around the IoT technology. A systematic standardization of the data will allow the best adaptation of different intelligent devices, allowing an easy access to this technology.

Good communication between devices is equal to a good performance in the operation of the same. Thanks to the software and codes offered by IONChain, it will be possible to improve the ecosystem and communication of smart devices with each other.

What is the implication of combining Edge Computing with blockchain technology?

The Edge computing technology and blockchain technology have a difference between them, while the Edge computing processes the data from a local device, or from the point of origin, the blockchain technology is responsible for sending the data to the cloud where they are received in a data processor.

By combining the Edge computing with the blockchain technology, we seek to take advantage of the best parts of each one.

How does having a true IoT economy allow you to grow and accelerate the mass adoption process?

Having an economy based on IoT growth in the future increases exponentially, thus helping a mass adoption.

The more people interested in IoT technology, the faster the mass adoption process is expected.

What is a device, a code, a currency?

This is one of the largest long-term projects that IONChain has.

Partnering with large developers of smart devices and manufacturers is one of the biggest goals with which IONChain has. In this way, the IONChain codes and software necessary to achieve the long-awaited standardization of data will be implemented, thus improving the IoT in a great way.

What are the dAPP and why are they important in the IONchain project?

The dAPP are applications which are created for the easy handling of various smart devices connected to a network. These dAPPS interlace devices and execute operations automatically. For the management and control of the IoT these applications are necessary.

IONChain by associating with the developers will be able to implement their software within these.

Use cases

A company that takes control of arrivals of its workers plans to use IoT technology to record the arrival of these and send their itineraries to their smartphones. The system works in the following way: The worker enters the company, his phone automatically connects to the wifi. When the system recognizes it thanks to the unique address, it registers its arrival and sends an itinerary for optimal performance. All this is achieved thanks to IoT and IONChain.



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