Why I decided to dump Flibbr & Adam Guerbuez from Stakepool.com

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Stakepool is Fintech Market Watch - a place where intelligent people like you can discuss everything fintech & crypto-related with other intelligent people who has a long track-record of success in trading and crypto in general. In our community, from time to time - we need to get rid of people who become a cancer to everyone and this is the story about how I decided to dump Flibbr & Adam Guerbuez from Stakepool Teamspeak due to their characters.

Flibbr is a passive aggressive crybaby who got his wife in England and mistress in New York pregnant at the same time. A man who couldn't keep it in his pants when he was abroad on a Bitcoin-conferance, but stuck it into the first gold-digging whore-hole he could find while ranting around with a small bag of bitcoins his mother gave him before he travelled.

Flibbr is by far the biggest "me, me, it is all about me" kind of internet main-net shit that I have spent too many years listening to. Nothing he ever says is of any importance, he is what I would call "important in his own eyes".

Happily I have always outsmarted Flibbr, he is the guy who screams "FOMO" or "CHINA" in the middle of the night when Bitcoin moves half an inch, a noise-machine designed to make everyone around him lose money, focus, money, concentration, money, sleep, money... you get the picture.

Under normal circumstances Flibbr should have been bankrupt years ago the way he is losing money left and right with his inaccurate calls and dumb trading, telling all the new people he get in his loser-club when to buy, buy, BUUUY - creates a "Fear of missing out" among the listeners and causing great losses for the many. Which is why most people who get into Flibbr, end up losing their shirt and leave Flibbr.

Actually - Flibbr did make money once, when Bitcoin dropped from $500 to $200 - but that money was lost a long time ago, if he started with a million dollars in portfolio-value, he is now down to maybe 15K. And I simply cannot stick around losers like that who rather make drama then money - and if you count all the times Flibbr is making drama, you can only guess how much money he lost previous to the Drama. (Vix-drama, Guerbuez-drama, Pizpie-drama, Kazonomics-Drama just to mention a few)

Flibbr is a trust-fund baby, meaning - he do not need to work, nor has he ever done a days work in his life. Money come easy to him as his Mother pays him a few thousand British pounds every month that he can go and lose on the market.

Stakepool.com was established by me in 2014, then Flibbr moved in early 2016 after he was banned by his own community "whaleclub" for being a complete moron. I just woke up one day and discovered that Stakepool was full of people, including the biggest fat-boy in the underground scam-scene I ever came across, Adam Guerbuez, the canadian facebook-spammer who got sued by Mark Zuckerberg for a lot of money which made Adam Guerbuez go personal bankrupt. This Adam Guerbuez character which I interviewed a couple of years back would sit in Stakepool Teamspeak every day and phish new people into his scams which was slot-machines, MLM-cloud mining and really scammy bets.

I wanted to ban Adam Guerbuez a long time ago, but Flibbr wanted Stakepool to be a free and open hippie-place for everybody, with rules saying that nobody could be banned from Stakepool - which for a time made Stakepool the center of Bitcoin-scams, something I had a problem just sitting and watching happening.

On April fools day Swapman decided to pull a phrank on me and all the users of Stakepool Teamspeak by changing the Stakepool Banner to a big message saying "Stakepool has been sold to another company" making me think that his admin-keys had been compromised in any way, shape or form. In order to restore the server back to normality I autonomously removed all the other admins from the server and made them moderators. Then Swapman goes ahead and use a special priv-key I had generated for him to now take full control over Stakepool Teamspeak, and as the owner of the place I now had no other choice but to use my Kill-switch and restored everything back to factory-settings.

This lead to a big drama outbreak from both Flibbr and Swapman who could not believe I would ever excess my powers, maybe they taught that fyrstikken is just a guy they could walk over and do whatever they wanted to do with - but for those who really know me, understand that beneath all this - is a hardcore businessman who does not let anybody - friends or enemies - get away with their actions.

Flibbr & Swapman then proceeded to establish another teamspeak, as they did so they stole 2/3 of Stakepools community funds, they stole Stakepools Twitter-account and Stakepools Telegram group and caused the community to split up into two camps.

Stakepool has later recovered big time, and we have more successful million-dollar-traders in our community then we ever had before. Stakepool has become the logical, money-making place to hang with other logical money-making people who do not need the "FOMO" nor the "HYPE" in order to make money, which is great.

Lately however, Flibbr has been going around twitter telling people "Stakepool is dead" - which is not true. Stakepool is absolutely alive, and better then ever. We got the smartest money-makers in our community, real hedge-fund managers, our own 24/7 radio-station and important newspress, and most important - our Stakepool Teamspeak which is not going away ever. Flibbr might be dead to Stakepool, but Stakepool is very much alive for everybody else in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lisk, Wavesplatform, Litecoin, S&P500, Forex, Gold and Silver-traders from all over the world.

Personally, I don´t care what Flibbr does, or where Flibbr is - to me he is a persona-non-grata, and I am a happier person to not have to deal with his problems, because all I want to do is to trade my bitcoins and make money - and to not having to deal with that idiot makes me much more focused and profitable then I have ever been while influenced by this dirtbag of an amateur who think so highly of himself that half his "Stakepool is dead" paper is "About Me (flibbr)".

The difference between me and Flibbr is that I did not come from Money - I made my millions one after the other myself from nothing, I am a self-made-man and no British trust-fund baby shall ever be able to tell me what I can and cannot do.

So, now that Stakepool is cleaned up and renewed - Welcome all new and old members - Come as you are, everything is as it should be and we make sure shills, scammers and people who lose too much money don´t stick around for too long. (Yes, we don´t want people with broken economies sticking around influencing the active traders as it only create a begging attitude which we do not want or need in our workspace).

Stakepool is a place for people with money, people who trade, investors, technocrats and philosophers. It is a place anyone should feel safe in as we are a friendly community that is only unfriendly to those that seek to hurt other people. In other words, Stakepool is not a place to be a bully.

I personally wish Flibbr all the best with his two new babies being born and all the stress that will come upon him. I don´t have kids, nor am I planning any kids - I don´t like babies crying in the background so all in all this worked out for the best.

On Stakepool.com we are about market-watch and legit projects - and right now, everybody is talking about Steemit, Wavesplatform, Lisk, Bitcoin - instead of the 30 scam-coins that was released last month.

Stakepool broadcast live 24/7 on http://radio.stakepool.com
If you want to be part of the voices on the radio - go to http://connect.stakepool.com/ and follow instructions.

I hope to hear your voice on the radio soon.


@fyrstikken bang on post. im surprised i missed this one.

i keep hearing people say that ooh yeah that was all years ago. hes "changed".. i call bullshit this post was from last year. generally people dont change. and the line here outlines this fact

he was banned by his own community "whaleclub" for being a complete moron.

what i find funny is that if you replace the word stakepool with burstcoin. it perfectly explains whats going on now :D.

so if were following Adams chain of destruction it goes somewhat like this

Assisted Murder (39 year old man with crew of neonazis) -> Sued by facebook -> ViorCoin scam -> Stakepool Scams -> Burstcoin Scams

You got to do what is best for you.

I´ve done pretty well for myself - what is important to me is to not let people mislead new users.

First off very funny videos and i do miss your hilarious commentary on Teamspeak. Your version of what happened is not how i recall what actually went down. In regards to Flibbr no idea and no interest about his personal life as its none of my business, sad to see you are commenting on it. Flibbr is overwhelmingly liked by the Bitcoin trading community and the reason many of the traders jumped off your teamspeak was you were caught out by Adam trying to extort money. Thats the reason i left at any rate.

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