The cost of SNT (Status) tokens has grown 10 times!

in crypto •  last year  (edited)

        I, like many, decided last summer to participate in ICO Status. This event was so popular that the ICO just laid the Etherium network. Many then did not manage to buy SNT tokens, because they were sold out in a matter of minutes.

       I, as a lucky possessor of several SNT coins, from time to time, tracked the cost of a new crypto currency. After the ICO, the value of the SNT dropped 2-fold and "lay on the shoulder blades" lately ... Until December came!

Closer to the beginning of December, SNT caught up with its starting level and for this hour grew 11 times from its initial cost.

The well-known Bitfinex exchange started trading Status (SNT) tokens at the end of December. Trading tokens can be paired with BTC, ETH and USD

Let's wish the Status of taking new heights!

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So many cryptocurrency available today. Kinda confusing but thanks for sharing! Haha. :)


@epicdominic , the cost of my coins has grown 10 times! I am very happy about this!