My first gaming experience on the EOS blockchian -- EOSKnight!

in crypto •  3 months ago

Introduced by @fundurian the EOSKnight is really quite a good real-time mini game base on EOS. This is probably my first ever interactive game ever played on the blockchain and I would say the concept is quite impressive. I picked up some knowledge along the way while setting up the game as well, good opportunity to get to know more about the EOS system.

Protip: Stake more CPU in the account or else you will keep hitting the annoying low CPU error message like this. Every movement in the game consumes CPU just so you know.


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Can I earn EOS playing this game or is it just for fun?


Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 11.34.54 PM.png
yeah, i already made 5 EOS playing for 3 days


That's great buddy!

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Very intresting post. Keep it up and upvote.

Thanks to Boating, Boosting is supported. Play fun.

@fr3eze You can read ....


I can read...