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Since inception the blockchain space has taken a new look in that, there are many blockchain platforms now seeking to bring in amazing services while contributing their quota into ensuring a better and advanced blockchain space. With blockchain technology, the world has seen a new era of services which is aimed at making things easier and better. Today we have blockchain in the gaming industry, healthcare, sports, betting, finance and the list goes on, amidst all this, what to know is, blockchain is setting the path to cryptocurrency adoption, and with recent happenings, one can't argue with it.
In addition, in the midst of all these, a blockchain platform believes that there is something that can be added to the gaming industry and the blockchain space as a whole which will bring a great turnaround in events hence making all parties happy, this platform is known as GAIMIN.IO or GAIMIN


Gaimin is a platform whose team have come up with different solutions to issues limiting the gaming industry as well as gamers all over the world.
Gaimin's team knows how big the gaming market is today as well as understanding that the current requirement is overwhelming each year with no real solution currently available; thus seeing an opportunity to bring blockchain to the rescue.
In fact, Gaimin, did not only identified the issue, what it will take, and how it will be solved but also Introduced a profitable solution to the on-going problem hence making it possible for users to earn passive income.
Owing to the fact Gaimin is out for revolution, there are salient features and points to know about it.



  1. Gaimin was created by a team of experts who came up with a software duly designed to sum up user's processing power also known as hash rate or hash power from their GPU or graphics card. This hash power is then directed to a processing power perfect for potential monetization opportunities. In a nutshell, Gaimin makes it possible for users to monetize their processing power. Also, monetization of this processing power can be down via confirmation and validation of blockchain transactions. It can also be done via CGI rendering.

  2. Another wonderful point to know about Gaimin is that its users experience a new level of expertise, the question is how?
    Currently, there are many PC's with very powerful and valuable computing resources which are often idle. Thus automated, passive monetization of these resources when they are not being used is a win-win for everyone.
    Therefore, users or gamers in Gaimin platform, are rewarded for connecting their PC’s processing power to the Gaimin processing power network, which is done through the Gaimin token. This token can also be used by users in the Gaimin community for peer-to-peer transactions such as buying, selling and renting of digital gaming assets.

  3. Most users may say, I care for the safety of my PC, however, it is good to know that, in addition to Gaimin making monetization of GPU power possible when it is not being used, it also does not affect the user gaming performance. Another good addition is that Gaimin platform's software doesn’t overclock nor does it use any other practices which may cause any unwarranted degradation to the user’s gaming PC other than playing any of the most popular online games.

  4. In the world today, platforms which are able to solve existing problems, always have the opportunity to grow even more, this is the case of Gaimin. Gaimin platform offers solutions to gamers' problems of which one of the biggest is, how can gamers fund their gaming experience?.
    As a means to solve this issue, Gaimin came up with a software which is free to download, install and use while the user doesn't have to pay. Nevertheless, Gaimin also added a payment subscription, but in this case, applies to users who earn rewards; this payment subscription is only a fraction of their earned rewards, and it is paid in the platform's tokens from the gamer's wallet.

  5. In the blockchain space today, most blockchain platforms try as much as possible to remove any iota of centralization, Gaimin is also a party to this.
    The Gaimin team believes that there is a need to solve the problem of "over-centralization" by making it possible for distributed miners to be added to the overall mining ecosystem.
    Also, since the Gaimin software, as well as its platform, is global, the solution which it offers will enable all miners from all around the world to take part in mining. Furthermore, this feat is made possible via leveraging on user's PC’s through Gaimin's mining software; thus by bringing together gaming PC’s from around the world to conduct Proof-of-Work mining, Gaimin is able to ensure that centralization is taken care of.

  6. Gaimin software has been highlighted many times, but what actually is its features?
    For the sake of efficiency and effectiveness, Gaimin software was built solid so as to meet up with large scale adoption of a worldwide distributed gaming community. Owing to this, the software has the following features;
    a. Reliability,
    b. Speed,
    c. Scalability,
    d. Security,
    e. Efficiency in storage and throughput,
    f. Easy adaptability for uses beyond CGI rendering and GPU heavy processes.

  7. Every blockchain platform leverages a blockchain perfect for their development; while some leveragye existing blockchains others create theirs, in the case of Gaimin, it finds the EOS blockchain better suited owing to the following;
    a. It is highly suited to the current and future needs of gaming.
    b. It has high transaction speeds and scalability.
    c. It comes with low transaction costs.
    d. It has a huge community which believes and supports them.
    e. It is flexible and can evolve.
    f. It is financially strong.
    g. It makes use of Delegated Proof-of-Stake.
    h. It has easy account recovery and its own governance.
    i. Its users can give their account a name.
    j. It is easy for use by Gaimin developers.



Gaimin is a platform leveraging the EOS blockchain to offers users the opportunity to earn and access amazing digital game assets just by making their PC's processing power available for use.

The platform's token is a utility token with the ticker, GMRX, it is the native token which powers the Gaimin platform rewards, marketplace and community. Being based on EOS blockchain, it has a total supply of 5,000,000,000.
GMRX can be used as a payment method for a monthly subscription of Gaimin mining software application. It can also be used in the community and marketplace by gamers who wish to buy, sell or rent digital assets. In addition, GMRX can be used to pay miners joining Gaimin mining pools, of which they (users) will need to purchase.



Telegram: https://t.me/officialgaimin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GaiminIo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Gaimin.io/

Pitch Deck: https://gaimin.io/Gaimin.io_Pitch_Deck_1.3.pdf

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gaimin/

Medium: https://medium.com/@gaimin

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp9Y_FMB1p4Nqjct0Ro9f3g

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gaimin_io/

Website: https://gaimin.io/

Whitepaper: https://gaimin.io/Gaimin.io_Project_Whitepaper_1.2.pdf

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