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It is no longer a doubt that there is no limit to what is obtainable, achievable and possible via blockchain; this is true because blockchain can be used to create new systems and platforms at the same time, can be easily implemented into existing systems so to enhance and make it perfect for users. The first blockchain brought about decentralization wherein today it is possible for users to own and manage their personal data. Smart contracts, DApps were also made possible by blockchain technology, all in a bid to ensure there is a new way of doing things which will make users comfortable. But amidst all these, blockchain is still finding it difficult to be massively be adopted into existing systems because they have been found to lack speed and other features. Just like issues create opportunities, Temtum blockchain was created so as to make it possible or rather set the path through which blockchain will be adopted into already existing systems and platforms.

One of such platforms, systems or sectors that Temtum aims to transform is the online gaming sector.
Like earlier stated, to transform, that is to say, there are issues which need to be solved. Temtum is already aware that most cryptocurrencies are already in use in the online gaming sector but yet they are not offering the expected results; that is to say, using cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH in online gaming, there exists payment delays, charges etc. In the same way, with these cryptocurrencies, buying back into games like Poker is not possible as it comes unnecessary deposit delays.

At the same time, without the use of cryptocurrencies, players are forced to deposit their funds to the wallet of the administrators of that gaming platform thus being exposed to unforeseen risks. Also, legal restrictions exist, thus limiting most players from participating in the way they want.



To begin with, what is Temtum? Temtum is a blockchain network which is efficient, quantum-secure, ultra-fast, non-resource intensive and environmentally friendly, through this way, having a payment coin (TEM) while being seen as a better alternative to fiat money. Temtum is created to be used on a standalone wallet-to-wallet system thus being capable of integration into current payment systems worldwide.
Furthermore, Temtum aims to be the most advanced and preferred blockchain whose coin will be used globally as it makes headway in security, speed, low resource requirements and scalability.

Temtum Solution
In the online gaming sector, Temtum makes it possible for casino players, poker room players, sports bettors or any other online gambling player to enjoy what it offers which is not obtainable with other cryptocurrencies in this way playing their favourite games. Temtum offers;
a. No fees: Where players will easily deposit and play without unnecessary charges.
b. No crypto payment (deposit and withdrawal) delays: Where players will deposit and see their funds immediately thus betting as at when due. At the same time when they win, their winning stakes will be immediately sent directly to their wallet in TEM.
c. "Pay as you Play" feature: This removes the need of players depositing their funds into the wallets of casino/gaming platforms. Also, when they win, the casino/gaming platforms have no control over their funds.
d. Instant buybacks: Where players will easily buy back into games like Poker without delays, therefore, playing without unnecessary disruption seen in other cryptocurrencies.
e. No legal restrictions: Thus players won't be restricted from playing their favourite games.

In other to achieve these while offering transparency etc, Temtum makes it possible for its coin to be used as a stake in a game, which can be through a traditional deposit of funds or with Temtum ‘Pay as you Play’ model. Furthermore, with Temtum making it possible for online gaming applications to run on its network, it makes full audit a reality whereby players can see that each game is played according to plan.

Benefits Associated With Temtum Blockchain
Since Temtum's coin will be used in online gaming, it offers benefits to players where it will be possible for them to stake directly using TEM at no fees and instantly.
Also, unlike in other cryptocurrencies present in the casino/gaming platform, which delays transactions thus wasting players time; Temtum will make it possible for players to have their funds confirmed in their account within 12 secs thereby bringing trust and confidence.

Moreover, since in the crypto space, volatility is always a concern, Temtum aims to ensure that players are not affected. This is achieved by using TEM as both in staking and in reward, in this way price volatility won't be encountered. In the same vein, all payments are carried out without any third-party presence thus resulting in instant transactions as well as no payment gateway fees.

Furthermore, by using the "pay-to-play" model, online gaming platforms or sectors will no longer be in possession of users deposits. In addition, using TEM will make user's or player's participation anonymous and private.



Temtum is a blockchain created by experts who believe that there can be a new and better way of doing things in the online gaming sector. Temtum brings solutions which will help enhance the online gaming sector while accommodating players from any place in the world. With Temtum in the online gaming sector, there will be free charges, anonymity, transparency, no deposit delays etc thus setting the path through which blockchain will be massively adopted.


Website: https://temtum.com

Telegram: https://t.me/temtumcommunity

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wearetemtum

Discord: https://discord.gg/hs3v4g4

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Medium: https://medium.com/temtum

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wearetemtum

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/temtum/

Whitepaper: https://temtum.com/downloads/temtum-whitepaper.pdf

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