How to create the perfect ICO/STO marketing strategy - ultimate guide

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Part 4
Build a Killer Website and Creatives for Your ICO or STO
Your website is your shop’s window. If you walk past a shop with an untidy, cluttered, or sparse window display, it is likely that you are not going to enter. The same principle applies to your website. If you provide a slow, untidy, and unappealing website for your ICO/STO, then people will get turned off very quickly. Your website’s design, layout, content, and ease of navigation are all important. However, these aspects often do not get the attention they deserve.

In many ways, your website should be the focal point of your ICO/STO marketing strategy. It is the first impression the community will have of your project and you cannot afford to get this wrong. Your website needs to be clear, concise, and easy to navigate. All the necessary information, such as information on how to invest in the ICO/STO, must be easily accessible, well presented, and sell the offering without making falsehoods or promises you will be unable to fulfil.

Your website should also feature your team members and your ICO’s/STO’s whitepaper, which sets out a clear vision and timetable for the project. Within the website, there also needs to be a clear Call-to-Action (CTA) section that tempts investors to become whitelisted (‘an exclusive list’ of possible contributors) or take part in any pre-sale.

All graphics and creatives must follow the same methodology of being eye-catching and clear while not making promises that can’t be kept. When someone sees a banner for the first time, its content is the difference between a click-through and an ignore, success and failure. Products and websites can be changed, but the first impression from a banner or website cannot.

If possible, a short video on the website that explains your product and ICO/STO can be a valuable asset. A picture paints a thousand words, and a short, clear, and engaging video gives a better idea to potential investors as to what they can expect.

The Cost: The cost to build a website can fluctuate wildly, from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Skimping on cost for your website is a false economy. While you may not need to create the best website on the internet, there are certain expectations of what an ICO/STO website must have. These include a modern design, clear navigation, and informative content.

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