The Spinny Thing

in crypto •  2 years ago

This thing. Annoying as hell under any circumstance.
But I can tell you when it will turn you into a raving, frothing at the mouth lunatic.
When you are trying to dump your coins at just the right moment.
As luck would have it, you see one of your positions at that sweet moment in time when the price is ripe for a glorious sell.
(Any seasoned trader knows to have sells in place to prevent this needless adrenaline surge.)
However, there are times when you do not have those sells set in advance for whatever reason. (Note to self - fix that gaffe pronto.)
And that price is soaring! It won't last forever. You are going to be a part of this epic peak. You dreamed of this moment!
The time is right. You put your sells in with a gratified chuckle. You hit the ok button.

Then this. giphyspinnywheel.gif

Really? Ha ha ha ha. No. Not bloody now.

Any unfortunate soul who needs something from me at this particular moment will be at the receiving end of some well-articulated expletives if they don't back off.


To my family, I would like to say I am sorry. It was not me. I was momentarily possessed with rage, ring of Sauron style.

I blame the spinning rainbow, the bane of any crypto trader's existence.


For you Mich, who knows exactly what I'm talking about! Thanks for the inspiration.

Image credits
"The Exorcist"
"Vey Bad Things" movie clip courtesy of giphy

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It happens to us all:)


That's the one!

Speaking for myself but as of this past weekend, I have been wanting to break or burn things because of the extreme lag experienced from trading crypto. Add to that missed opportunities to sell at peak... I may have to try ericvancewalton's breathing technique to help in the short term. Although, Im not making any promises that i wont burn a bush or something this weekend.


@vangfo, how did you know polo did this to me? Whatever it takes. :)

That exchange that begins with the letter "P" that shall remain nameless is hanging up again today. The lag time is bad. At one point during a refresh my account balance dropped to zero and an F'in-heimer was just seconds from being launched. I had to walk away for a while.


I feel your pain, my friend. Sometimes all you can do is walk away or it will eat you up.


Very true! The sting of the spinny thing!

oh yes, we all know this, dr jeykll to mr hyde!

The spinny thing is pretty though! hahaha great post