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Second article of the CEO blog ! hop, I start.

This week we will talk about my visit to the ICO Race in Lugano, EZYcount news and the practical tool of the week to have a professional email address.


The EZYcount news of the week in brief are:

  1. New pages on the EZYcount website:
    1.1 The contact page has been completely redone. You find more details on how to contact us; also by skype directly from the site menu.
    1.2 The terms and conditions page has been updated for clarity.

  2. EZYcount invoice and accounting servers have received an increase in RAM for more speed 🏎.

  3. The whole team is delighted to see you on Monday 11th of June in Sion at noon for the publication of the white paper that launches the project "EZYcount: AI powered blockchain accounting" for a complete automation of accounting.

Visit of the ICO Race 2018 in Lugano

After getting up at dawn to take the train to Lugano, I finally arrived at the ICO race at the Palazzo dei Congressi in the city centre and by the lake.

No time to breathe, first meeting with Travin of Agavon, an expert in blockchain, who supports us for the technical aspects of our project. If you want to receive information about this project, register here

Travin is smiling and full of energy. He participates in a panel discussion in the afternoon. I look forward to hearing it. We take advantage of this appointment so that he introduces me to the team of Jelurida present. Jelurida is the company behind Ardor, the blockchain technology we use. They just moved the head office to Lugano. During this day, I learn that it is not the only crypto company that recently moved to Lugano. It seems to me that the blockchain companies in Switzerland are mostly in Zug and Geneva and newly Lugano!

As the crypto world is a bit crazy, the competition named ICO race takes place in the big hall where 20 teams with each more ambitious projects than the other fighting with PowerPoints and shock statements. There's nothing wrong; the team that finishes first, receives 600'000 euros (partly cash, partly services) !

The whole day is going at incredible speed. Between meetings and encounters no time to sleep.

The day ends, the Pigzbe project wins the first prize. Bravo Pigzbe! I get back on a train and think back of this exciting day: many business cards in my pockets, tomorrow the thank you emails will be sent.

Surprised, we came 6th on Twitter regarding traffic at the event. A nice position, with our 200 followers. We came across accounts that had over 50,000 followers. Thank you very much to our followers!

During the day's discussions, I could feel a real interest for our project of automatic accounting by artificial intelligence as well as the model of selling softwarre licenses by TaaL Token-as-a-License.

Tool of the week: for a professional email address

Sometimes it's the little details that make the difference.

The email address is one of those details. Nowadays, it is no longer difficult or technical to have a .ch and one or more email addresses with this name.

I highly recommend that you forget the email address in .gmail or .hotmail or even .netplus. Use a professional domain name for your professional activity.

But you're gonna tell me, "Vivien, it's too complicated!"

Not at all.

That's why I'm writing about infomaniak, based in Geneva, which offers simple services at reasonable prices.

First, reserve (as for example, I reserved for an amount of 8.88.- per year. (yes, less than 10.- per year)

Second, activate an email subscription for 2.24 per month for 5 email addresses. That's only 26.88 a year.

To write your emails, you can use the online system that Infomaniak offers. However, I recommend that you use your usual program and connect your program to your Infomaniak mailbox. Infomaniak has documents with photos that explains how to do it.

If you want to try, follow this link

Last point concerning emails, do not forget to put a signature to your email with your name, first name, address and phone number. If a person who reads your email wants to contact you, it is very simple to do so with all the information directly in your email.

Feel free to send me an email with your new email address at [email protected]

Next week

  1. Monday 11th of June at noon at EspaceCréation, presentation of the new EZYcount project "automated accounting" during Genilem general meeting (event open to the public).
  2. Tuesday, June 12th, "Viens faire ta compta" in Renens at UniverCité.
  3. Minor update of EZYcount invoicing and EZYcount accounting during the week.

I hope you liked the article. Thank you in advance for your comments. Good accounting!

Vivien, CEO EZYcount

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