Crypto & Travel Show Interview - with Clixmoney from DCooperation - Dtube

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Clixmoney is apart of the DCooperation group of Dtube video creators. He conducts video interviews of people within the crypto, Dtube, and Steemit communities. The best way to contact Clixmoney is via his groups discord channel. The link is below, and make sure to take a look at his other channels posted below.

ExploreTraveler also has a long running podcast at this link:

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Thanks a lot for inviting me, that was a big pleasure to participate in such interview, I enjoyed talking to you for so long, looking forward for more callbs. ☺

Thanks for taking the time, and I really enjoyed the interview. All the best on your project, and happy DTubing.

You really deserve to be international blogger sir.

Thank you cryptosandy1

Great video. Hope you had fun.
Hello from kryptonia

Thanks @lykaypajaro it's always fun.

@exploretraveler, you are interested in reading, maybe you read me too

Excellent and informative interview

This is impressive. You are doing a wonderful job

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@exploretraveler, You are Somewhat different type of blogger, which i like. Thanks to be so sir.

I'm really happy to hear this exploretravaler for tour great work you are doing this day, God bless your efforts

Keep up the good work

Informative. Thanks for doing this interview.

@exploretraveler you guys are doing a great job.

Very nice and great job sir...@fisherman

Que buen trabajo realizan!! ID Mariale en Kryptonia

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