Crypto & travel show Interview-Colin Sydes Kryptonia Project

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Today we discuss the ongoing development of the Kryptonia project, with Colin Sydes. We we discuss Kryptonia, Superior Coin, humanitarian use of crypto and Aircoins

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You can reach Colin on Steemit

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Kryptonia is the best crypto I ever see

sydes is always great as usual. Cleared so many doubts.

Superior coins is on it way up, i believe in the future it will compete with bitcoin. Infact that is why it is superior! ID: blogjeremiah

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excellent project very good job congratulations continues that way @joseleonardojose

Great update

Congratulations for the good work.
@rocaxel iD Kryptonia

Kryptonia Best Crypto Platform So Far..!

Kryptonia is a great platform and thank you so much for the updates:)
@anne0130 kryptonia

Congratulations for the interview Mr. Colin and keep up the good work.
@joancabz kryptonia

Thank you for sharing! Upvoted

What a great job sir. Am getting to love kryptonia and superior coin the more with all the interviews i got from you. Nice job sir...@fisherman

Congratulations for the good work done by Kryptonia ID Mariale

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SUP subiendo... kryptonia @Reyos69

wow, I like this. Thanks for your lovely post

Very informative interview.

Ready for a total success....great job!! [email protected]

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brilliant job guys

Second video of the season with two great talkers. Thanx for the news and the compromise @exploretraveler @sydesjokes .
Btw Colin makes me remember the hard cold Scandinavian weather !

Long live suo coin. Earn sup coin and improve your life.

you guys are the best.

Thank you for sharing, upvoted

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Bravo! In no time you're doing the needful

Excellent interview thanks.