Crypto & travel show Interview-Bojak Cates Kryptonia Project

in #crypto5 years ago

Today we discuss the ongoing development of the Kryptonia project, and some future development not fully announced yet. Consider join Kryptonia for free here;

▶️ DTube

You are really try about this project and we are happy to see this improvement you making

Thank you @bodymaual we really appreciate your support.

Thanks for sharing via interview insight on what is happening with Kryptonia and Superior Coin, nice interview @exploretraveler and @bojakcates

Thank you Joan and there is more to come :-)

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Thanks for the update on whats going on

The community is growing and that's the best thing that can ever happen to Kryptonia right now.... We are all hoping for a better tomorrow with this projecti

I really enjoy this post.

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Great job! Upvoted from kryptonia with the same name

I watch this stuff on youtube.

Thanks for sharing

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