Exodus 1.56.0: Your Portfolio Is A Trend-Setter

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At Exodus, one of our most coveted responsibilities as a team is preparing the bi-weekly release notes that accompany each new build. Besides being our most popular blog series, it also gives the author a chance to dive deep into the latest batch of features and fixes to help relay this excitement to you - our customers.But as famed historian and superhero uncle Ben Parker once said - with great power, comes great responsibility. What he failedto mention is that this power and responsibility would fall on me- and I’d be tasked with maintaining the reputation for obscure references and undeniable wit our regular authors have injected into previous release notes.

Tidying Up the Portfolio 

The past few releases have brought a much-needed refresh to the beloved portfolio donut, as well as enhanced portfolio tracking features.

With this release, we take things a bit further, adding portfolio trendlines to help you better visualize asset performance. Whether or not this will actually allow you to predict a “trend” in the crypto markets is a bit of a different story- but hey- it’s worth a shot!

With all this shiny new data at your fingertips, there’s a good chance you may want to sort your assets a bit differently to better visualize overall performance. To help with this, we now allow you to sort your portfolio by the metric of your choice. Want to see your assets in order of performance? No problem. Prefer to keep things alphabetical? You got it.

Adios EOS 👋

While EOS mainnet support is still a ways away, we’ve done our best to help you access your mainnet assets should you need to. For those that have chosen to go this route, the ERC20 EOS balance showing in Exodus has become more of a constant reminder of what once was rather than an accurate depiction of your portfolio balance.

For this reason, we now allow you to disable your ERC20 EOS and therefore prevent it from displaying in your portfolio. You’ll still have access to your mainnet keys if you need them, but this helps ensure that what shows in Exodus is actually in Exodus.

Understand the Rescan 

While we try and keep Exodus as error-free as possible, occasionally forces beyond our control can prevent your wallet from properly rescanning the blockchain. 

Perhaps the only thing worse than seeing an error message is seeing one that doesn’t make sense, so we’ve simplified and clarified the language for rescan error messages with this release. We even link you right to our Knowledge Base article where you’ll likely find a quick solution to whatever is behind the issue. 

Next Release: August 2nd, 2018

Our development team is already heads-down in preperation for our next release. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to ensure you don’t miss the latest!

Also, keep an eye on that releases pagefor any interim patches or security updates.


Looks wonderful as always. Keep up the great work!

Hope you guys will also support the various EOS airdrops once you have the EOS mainnet integrated.

And of course Stellar Lumens!

Thanks @showtime24! Looks are important, right? So we try our best to look good! 😎

I can't really comment on future asset and feature support. We are working on some stuff though, that's for sure. So, keep checking these release notes and downloading the latest version.

By far the best wallet for crypto! Keep up the great work. And when can we start trading DAI?

Thank you for the love and support @rhyt! We try our best to make it more beautiful, intuitive and feature rich with every release.

And we'd love to have DAI as an exchangeable asset, but at the moment we don't have an exchange partner that supports it. Hopefully soon!

Wahhhh, nice to see you guys on steemit!

I'm wondering if exodus will ever get eos mainnet support....i was hoping not to play around with my private keys but if there isn't news by the end of the summer i guess i will.

Either way, you guys rock! :-D

Hey, @whatamidoing , Thank you! Some of us on the team are fellow Steemians so thought it would be nice to give this page some life again. =)

Although we are still assessing the mainnet for inclusion, I can promise you that helping our customers safely access their EOS is a top priority for us!

The most appealing and usable wallet I've seen.
Love Exodus - the Exodus from Fiat.

I would invite you on the CHAOS show on mspwaves.com, Fridays from 7 pm Central - to talk about your product, philosophy, etc.

Wow, thanks so much for the kind words as well as the offer @globocop :D

Would you mind sending us an email at [email protected] and mentioning your offer to appear on the Minnow Support Network? Please mention "Josh" in the subject of the email and we will be sure to get back to you!

Everything looks good... Really nice... Although I wish you all didn't raise the ethereum exchange minimum... Nonetheless, the upgrades are nice....

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention, and your feedback! We really appreciate it. I immediately looked into this upon reading your message and I completely agree, the minimums for ETH and ERC20 tokens were much higher in the exchange than they should have been.

We just adjusted the ETH and ERC20 minimums based on your feedback, so please do have a look now, and let us know if you have any other suggestions or questions!

Wow that was fast! Thanks for the quick action...

Our pleasure! Again, We really appreciate you bringing that to our attention. =)

Love the new portfolio graphs

Thank you! It was a big change and we have been very greatful for all of the feedback.

Next level would be an asset vs performance line through time for the wallet. Keep it up, you guys are killing it.

Thanks for the suggestion and support @muppetdingdong! We'll seep trying to deliver the best experience we can!

@exodus If we just sit tight with our EOS Tokens in the EXODUS Wallet will they eventually be Unfrozen and tokens can then move in or out of the wallet in a future Update like all the other tokens ???

The EOS tokens in your wallet at this point are not going to be unfrozen since they are the old ERC20 tokens and their smart contract is no longer active. From this version though, you can disable EOS so that the balance shown doesn't throw you off.

Now as far as supporting the main EOS, I can't say. We don't comment on future development. 🙂

If you want to claim your mainnet EOS now you'd have to use a third party wallet, although we are actively looking into providing a way to claim your EOS from within Exodus and send it to another wallet. But no ETA I'm afraid.

You can check this article for more info:

If you have more questions, we'd be happy to answer them if you send us an email at: support [@] exodus.io

I hope that we will see new developments with EOS support.

Although we are not for certain whether mainnet support will be implemented, it is a top priority for us and under active assessment. We are taking a "wait and see" approach due to the complexity of integrating EOS.

We need all of the assets in Exodus to work exactly the same as each other, and with EOS, there are a lot of additional features needed for users to interact with the network. We need to find a way to seamlessly integrate EOS before moving forward on this, but rest assured, we'll make a big announcement here once we have!

Great work @exodus team! I love your wallet and I store my crypto-assets in there. Looking forward for the next update :)

You're truly too kind @kdamken, thanks so much for taking the time to read our latest release notes :) We come out with a new version of Exodus once every two weeks, so you'll be hearing from us again shortly!

Hi @exodus. ¿How are you doing team & guys? :)

Well buddies, over here an old time user of your great crypto-assets wallet. And while most people here is asking about EOS support features and stuff like that. I can't help but wonder: ¿For when are you planning to include Steem & SBD hodling, management, exchange features and support within your wallet? ¿Huh?

I mean, being you 'steemians' since two years ago, anyone would think you should have all this already well studied and solved by now!! ¿Right? Hahahaha

Maybe you could take advantage of this comment and also must consider giving support to Byteball's Bytes & Gbytes asap too eh? LoL

Ok bros. I won't tease you more with these unsolicited demands. But I suppose it's not just me the one curious to know your reply. }:)

Cheers!! :)