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EUNO is giving away a Masternode currently valued at $4800. The Masternode giveaway is the prize for correctly solving weekly puzzles through 12/28/2018. Once all of clues are discovered and understood it will be the lucky person's call on what to do with the clues. EUNO has currently released 2 of 8 clues which can be found at EUNO.CO/giveaway/. The prize is not only a EUNO Masternode, but just as valuable, a seat at the Governance Table, where the fate of EUNO is discussed, you can propose new ideas, and your voice is heard via voting rights. In fact EUNO just completed its first Governance vote, deciding to reduce POW by 70%. This will extend the lifetime of EUNO and further reward early adopters, stakers, and Masternode hodlers.

The culmination of the of the Masternode giveaway will lead us directly into Q1 2019. EUNO’s roadmap for the quarter includes the highly anticipated mobile wallet which will include NFC capabilities in a future release. The EUNO dev team is busy currently working to update the website and has already leaked images of the “Plastic Wallet.” EUNOs version of a paper wallet, the Plastic Wallet, works just as the former and is a place to securely store, transport, and spend EUNO.

We anticipate continued momentum in EUNO community support and development, as well as the addition of exchanges, business partners, and most importantly mass adoption.

You can catch EUNO Business Director, Patrick Bateman's interview on the Joe & Larry Show here :

Join the telegram EUNO-verse at:


Visit us at EUNO.CO


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