EUNO 1ST Quarter Update

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EUNO coin has made great strides since kicking off on June 28, 2018, working in clear and consistent steps towards delivering a solid and trustworthy digital currency. In its first month, EUNO released its desktop wallets for Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems, and has since issued updated and improved versions, and created a wallet for Raspberry Pi. With a full “White Paper” and the newly released “Lite Paper” delivered, the EUNO team continues to meet roadmap goals. EUNO has been been listed on 4 exchanges, most recently Bankcex, in its first quarter. EUNO continues to gain momentum going into Q4 looking for new exchanges and partnerships.

In 2018 Q4 EUNO will continue development on its Android mobile wallet, to be release end of Q1 2019. The mobile wallet is the first stage in the realization of EUNO’s point of sale capability to merchants worldwide. “ACID Protocol” Adoption and Convergence Incentivized Distribution, is the backbone of EUNO’s payment ecosystem and achieves the core goal of mass adoption, distribution, and acceptance. By implementing the ACID Protocol users and merchants will receive incentives for using EUNO as the payment option of choice, meaning everybody wins EUNO.

Current EUNO activities:

  1. Mobile Wallet Design and development

  2. ACID Protocol Eco-system development

  3. POS vendor contact

  4. Payment gateway structure development

Visit us at EUNO.CO

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