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Setup My Crypto Office - What's exciting you today in Crypto?

in crypto •  7 months ago

Brother Crypto is epic right now. Loving these low prices especially when I fall perfectly into some flow. Jah is guiding I through. Amazed really by all the things going on in crypto it is rapidly moving. ETH is not following with BTC, BTC seems to have consolidated a bit more ETH Is still in bearish. Still just loving me some LTC buying some every paycheck at this price even if it just 1.

Hope life brings you prosperity brother, glad to be connected to you on here! Bless

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Happy that you can still see the light in the darkness my brotha. Many have lost hope. I agree that these low prices are absolutely a blessing. Yeah there's still a lot of ICO's that are setting on hoards of ETH that they will eventually have to sell to get their product developed. ETH has been really interesting to watch. Keep stacking those LTC and you'll be set homie. Have you used the lightning network at all? LTC and BTC are becoming more interoperable each day.

May life bring you prosperity as well. Stay in touch bruddah. I'm sure I'll see you around.