Krios ICO, DENT Coin, Influx, Crypto Q&A and more...

in crypto •  11 months ago

In this video, I do some Q&A, talk about the ongoing Krios ICO, DENT Coin, Influx, and more...

Check out the full video here on Steemit:

Thanks for watching!

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Hello @elpompador... thank you for the video.

Love your work man, creating a community. Helping people with good tips and tricks. Keep up the good work and hopefully you will be the biggest on steemit.

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great video :) Keep up !
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Hi I've been following you for 2 weeks. I like your work and love yout style!
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Great Video Vincent! Keep up the great work! I thinks that Ethereum will MOON this year!

Thanks for sharing your insights VincentB ...

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Another nice and real video. I'm investing on DENT let's see the future!

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Here's hoping that it is in SBD$!

Take care and I look forward to your next video.


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decent vid love the suit

DENT is going to be huge very soon. Their android app is coming out in February!

Vincent, I really like your videos and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your contributions.

Thank you for all of the free and phenomenal advice and analysis. You are one of my fav crypto youtuber that I follow and your honesty and straight to the point attitude its what works.

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