The World of Cryptocurrency - Ethereum on the Run

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It was a bit of a mixed week for some of the cryptocurrencies, behind it again was commentary about the sustainability of these markets. It's being so volatile makes those who are risk-taker more excited to step on the plate but for those who are not familiar of this roller coaster ride of the market distant themselves with this joy-ride and were hesitant to take part of this adventure. If you are afraid to lose and fail, you will hardly be a winner.


It's almost a month now that bitcoin still struggling at a range between $13k and $15k, I miss those times when it skyrockets shooting the moon. There are projections and speculations sprouting on the web that bitcoin will soon recover and it will double its highest mark of $20k+ end of last year. On the other hand, Ethereum seems to challenge the king through its impressive run so far. In just a month, ethereum rakes more than 300% increase in its price @ $1,320 high mark (as of this writing) and you are so lucky if you have ethereum in your wallet. I think 2018 is a year for altcoins and ICO's - you can earn a fortune through these. Just choose the right coin to purchase and wait for it to skyrocket and then dump. Cryptocurrency has a great potential for us to be a millionaire. Several years from now, I guess most of us will attain the financial freedom if we keep doing the right thing on how to invest in cryptocurrency.



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Yes crypto currency have a tendency to make us millionaire. It's up to us how we deal with crypto currency. Bitcoin is loosing it's plot but it will definitely rise up again with great strength. Ethereum is going well but we can't say that it's in a position to challenge Bitcoin nice post keep sharing @elizahfhaye

Ethereum somehow shows its strength and it started to skyrocket. we are not sure where bitcoin and ethereum heading to for these coming years or who will have the crown at the end of a decade - only time will tell. but currently, bitcoin still the reigning king in cryptoworld :)

Ethereum is going well but today Bitcoin is far a head.

The only 2 doing well in this red slump are ETH and NEO. I'm thinking it has a lot to do with ICOs running on these 2 platforms so people have to buy them to get into ICOs regardless of price.

agree, but now all were dropping and in total blood bath, lol

That is a good explanation

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thanks bro :)

You're most welcome.

Ethereum now has the second position in the world cryptocurrency market.


Thank you!

agree, and it skyrocket too :)

Thank you so much.

Eth now has the second position on the planet digital currency showcase.

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yah, it challenges the bitcoin and actually its the queen in cryptoworld, lol

Yea i certainly agree.I believe crypto currency is the key to financial freedom and a gateway to end poverty on a global scale.I really want to learn how to invest in other kind of cryptocurrencies,can i get your help?

cryptocurrency really a gateway to financial freedom that many were hoping for and soon we can achieve it, we will just keep doin what we are doing now :)

what atcoins are are you suggesting?

currently, im rooting with digibyte and myriad. they were now a little bit rising up but i think its still profitable to buy it.

I'm currently investing in steem too, sitting back watching it's value rising each and every day. That insight on cryptocurrency by @elizahfhaye makes me reason critically on which coin to invest in apart from bitcoin.

yah, steem is a sleeping giant. soon it will skyrocket too. steem has a very unique platform where we can interact each other and can drive in people to use their platform :)

BTC still controle the markets when it rise other coins rise when it decline other coins decline too

BTC is the king of cryptocurrency, and all were started from btc - its a gateway to cryptoworld.

ETH is gaining a lot due to ICOs but it may slow down a bit as its blockchain is getting too crowded and people are starting to use NEO, LISK or Stratis as alternatives for their coin.

yah, when it will started to clog in the network, then many will resort to other altcoins. bdw, are you a ripple fan? coz ur profile pix was ripple logo :)

Haha I invested a long time ago in Ripple (late 2016) so yeah, big fan here!

When I bought ETH at 1000 people said I was crazy.

lol, and now you made them dumb, lol

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Nice article @elizahfhaye, thanks for sharing

Ethereum has always been my favorite currency, it has always rewarded me more than bitcoin... Great Post @elizahfhaye... :D :)

Good post. You might want to check out also my article.


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interessant, thanks

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Ethereum going to 10K just like btc buy while you can!