Goldilock: combining the security benefits of cold storage and the timely availability of data and funds from centralized storage

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What is Goldilock?


It is a cold storage system for our funds and data. It might sound like something already known and well-known but we must pay attention to the phrase "cold storage", precisely that is what distinguishes it, what makes it so useful for natural and legal persons.

It is true that we can keep our information securely on our computers and devices, what we can not count on is always taking our computers and devices, Goldilock makes sure that we have access to our funds and data whenever and wherever we need it, while we keep them safe and secure away from the attack of hackers.

Store in Cold


It is about keeping the data stored in a place outside the Internet, in this case, it is the way in which Goldilock operates, stores the data and funds away from the Internet, or rather, away from the aforementioned hackers, then, we access them via the Internet, a momentary online interface is opened, and when it finishes operating it closes again and continues to be stored cold. All in order to provide the greatest security and also timely availability of data and funds. Some examples of cold storage are physical devices such as: hard drives, pendrives or memory cards; On the other hand we also have Trezor and Ledger Wallet as another example of cold storage.

Centralized storage



This is the most common way of storing data and funds, here are those platforms and applications that we know as "clouds" and "Wallets." Unlike the cold storage method, this medium depends a lot on the original behavior of the platform with which we work, behaviors that some have managed to be vulnerable to their attacks and tricks, however, we know that these platforms strive to be increasingly secure, but in reality, in terms of security, the storage method in Cold takes the advantage. An example of working wallets with centralized storage is the same platform for which I write this article, steemit.

Goldilock: Discretion with personal data


And we continue with the issue of security, and that is Goldilock understands the risk that every person runs when exposing their personal data on the internet, in fact, based on that data is that others manage to make identity change or some unpleasant act with regrettable consequences, knowing this, Goldilock treats your users' data confidentially, then when creating your user account Goldilock the data is entered and then they are insured, without exposure and registered for the next start of the session.

Some disadvantages of cold storage

As we know that nothing is perfect, we have to be very clear that cold storage can also give problems, but in this case they are problems of a nature that is not the Internet and its threats:


  • Cold storage devices can break
  • They can get lost
  • They can be useless without the existence of a reading device (as in the case of pendráis, memory cards or cd's)
  • They may lose information due to physical damage or other faults
  • They may have a very limited storage memory

Even knowing all of the above, we must remember that Goldilock is not a simple physical device, we speak of a platform that works like a centralized cloud or wallet that we already know but that combines all the advantages in terms of cold storage security and timely availability of data and funds from centralized storage.

Token LOCK


Every effort deserves its reward, and every good service deserves a remuneration for the one who offers it, in this case, LOCK is the tocken that will be used to enjoy all the utilities that Goldilock offers.

The next great integration


@originalworks he assures in his last article that NEO will be the first blockchain to be integrated.

When we talked about why Goldilock chose NEO, we must emphasize that NEO promotes the support to decentralized commerce and the digitization of assets, always trying to guarantee the transparency of operations , giving space to the signing of fully reliable intelligent contracts by the parties involved, given the multiple and scalable accounting that implies its chain of blocks.

Goldilock for individuals and companies

The big companies, whether banks, insurers and institutions of other branches, invest a lot of money to ensure the security of their documents and data, documents such as: permits, patents, property titles, books, organizational structure, plans, digital summary, documentation of employees, contracts, agreement of partners, invoices, inventory of furniture, accounts payable and receivable, and thus a set of documents that accompany it, besides this, some operate as computer platforms and with digitized systems, this helps grow and be stable but also makes it a desirable prey for internet pirates.

Goldilock can put an end to that imminent threat by leaving each of those aforementioned data insured with your cold storage system. Then, we can understand that: "if it is able to insure a company in this way, it can protect any natural person".

I am going to put this very interesting example that somebody shared and I also leave you the Link of the original article from which it proceeds:


"The owner of a casino in las vegas wanted to give a more elegant style to his business, but he never imagined that the aquarium that he installed in the entrance would open an access door to the computer network. And the hackers took advantage of that opportunity.

The casino had protected its systems with antivirus and firewalls, but they forgot that the aquarium was connected to the network, with the objective that the temperature and the quality of the water were automatically monitored.

The hackers detected this flaw and entered the system to try to steal the banking information of the most affluent clients through the futuristic marine installation.

But when the hackers were about to obtain the data, a cyber security company detected the attack and intercepted the operation. "

This story had a happy ending, unfortunately it does not always happen that way and there are serious consequences, but what we want to achieve is that this can be avoided, when our data, like the bank details of the casino's clients, are protected with a system " airgap ", and that's exactly what Goldilock offers.

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