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We are in a world where there are continuous advances in technology, where speed, efficiency, and low cost are determining factors in order to choose the best technology systems and equipment. The common user, is based very emphatically on these premises, so it is not necessary to be a digital expert, to judge when the aspect of quality and efficiency are present. As the vast majority of users do not care how it works, or what makes it work X or Y way, rather we focus on what really works, we do not care about the process to make the technology fast, rather we are interested if it is fast enough, and if it satisfies our needs, if it amazes us, then we ask ourselves how it works.

The world of blockchain that started with the BTC and then revolutionized the Ethereum chain. The chain of blocks has been the basis for the incursion and the revolution of decentralized systems, as well as the emergence of novel algorithms and codes that nowadays institutions, documentation, contracts, videogames, factories, supply chains, health and financial markets.


Certainly, although great progress was made, little by little we observed weaknesses in the implementation, evidencing in its scalability what led to difficulties and hardforks in the blockchains, so that the technology could adapt to our daily life. That's where GoChain comes from.

Scalability: In a simple way, it is understood by the application of changes, improvements, adaptations or modifications, without affecting the coexistence of systems, applications and users within the chain of blocks. Credits

Fork (Bifurcation): the moment you have a protocol version different from the main one. Credits

GoChain is a technological solution for the disadvantages present in two of the largest and most well-known blockchain in the world, Bitcoin (energy, speed) and Ethereum (speed, energy, intelligent contracts), this being an alternative block chain with 100% compatibility of the applications that coexist in the ethereum network, guaranteeing solutions of easy application for improvements in its operation, without affecting its operation and compromising its integrity.

As well as Ludwig Von Mises' phrase "In life everything is continually evolving", in the same way technology is part of the changes, and GoChain is focused not only on giving solutions to this "age" but on facilitating the action of improvements to evolve along with our way of life.

We need to be faster, smarter, much safer, be everywhere, more decentralized, more connected and this is what GoChain gives us. Credits

Among its main characteristics we observe the following:


  • The power consumption of the network is only a fraction of the energy consumed by the ethereum network.
  • The speed of transactions is 1000 times faster than Ethereum.
  • Intelligent contracts allow ease of adaptation.
  • Allows the reduction of high operating costs.
  • It is a more decentralized system, since it locates a participant or authority in each country.
  • Provide an alternative blockchain compatible with ethereum to migrate DAPPs and digital projects to a better network with higher benefits.


In GoChain a new concept called PoR (Proof of Reputation)

One of the main features that make this project attractive is that the MainNet is already running unlike other promises with networks that offer something similar and have taken months or years to show a real product, GoChain has a tangible platform where you can check the speed of the network, its transparency, ready for use and open to the world. This is a very influential attraction for DAPPS developers for the use of this blockchain.

Have you made a transfer in Ethereum? How long does it take?
Have you made an intelligent contract ?, Do you know how rigid algorithms are? Do you know how much it means to make significant changes?

bullet train Credits

If I can make an analogy, ethereum is like a Ferrari, and GoChain 100 times faster than a Japanese Maglev (Bullet Train) that exceeds 300 miles per hour, is a complete madness but good.

Imagine ethereum more decentralized, faster, much smarter, that's GoChain

Some interesting facts:

  • The energy that runs through the btc blockchain can provide for 3.5 million homes in the USA.
  • The ethereum network can feed 1 million homes.
  • GoChain provides the same advantages but with only the use of a small fraction of energy to achieve better results.
  • In a world with so many climate problems GoChain is a green alternative for the development of technology and economy, as well as the preservation of the planet. It is a more efficient system.

MainNet Credits

The tests done in the GoChain mainnet processed in a week the same number of transactions that Ethereum has processed in its entire life (more than 5 years).

Many projects focus on: What and how will they do it ?, What are their expectations ?, and how will things improve ?, but how many of these projects speak for themselves? and how many have some system in production? GoChain has running its blockchain where each of these characteristics can be evidenced.

Particularly I think that GoChain is more than a crypto that to hunt and to do day trading, it is a vehicle that will attract more people to the decentralized world showing better technological features much more efficient than Ethereum.

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