Arbitracoin is the first investing crypto in the world that succeed based on crypto arbitrage

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The #ArbiTraCoin #Lending #Platform is ready and functioning very well after 2 months! Devops have just done it... From now you can let your investment work for you, generate a passive income up to 2% daily from 100 to even 1,000,000 USD. Please contact person which send to you this information for the first time or contact me /please use my reference link to register now/ if you have no person that has shown you or recommended the #ArbiTra project. Also you can start earn additional affiliate commissions but recomending is not necessary & not obligatory.

How it works? Excellent! You exchange your BTC or USD to ATC and then you can start lending to Arbitracoin project for arbitrage on external exchanges. What is 'Arbitrage'
Arbitrage is the simultaneous purchase and sale of an asset (varous cryptocurrencies) to profit from an imbalance in the price , so called spread (similar as FOREX on fiat currency). It is a trade that profits by exploiting the price differences of identical or similar financial instruments on different markets or in different forms. Arbitrage exists as a result of market inefficiencies and would therefore not exist if all markets were perfectly efficient. Because perfectly efficiency is not working so well between different exchanges wehave advantage to get profit on it. There are 2 things requested: high volume markets and fast algoritm of the trading computer software. ArbitraCoin compares in real time differences between various crypto and make transactions BUY and SELL in the same time on different exchanges allowing to get some interest from price difference... It's simple deal and much more wfficient that trading or speculative trading.

What do you need to do to access the project? All you need is register on the platform (by reference link)

Every affiliate person can send and then exchange their BTC to ATC on internal or external coin exchange. next you are able to lend your ATC now for 60, 100 or 125 days at rates from 1% (till 10010 USD) to 2% daily (above 10010 USD). Just visit your backoffice and click on lending. For example investing of 5010 USD (expressed in #ATC #coins) will work out for you 13,300 USD after 125 days. profits are payable everyday andyou can use this money according to daily #ATC #coin price. #ArbiTraCoin #LendingOpen #Trading #investment #coin #crypto

How to start with it? It's #SIMPLE and #EASY even for people who are not very keen with blockchain technology.

Let's contact to me and I can share #proper information with you how to play with good strategy and squeeze #profits to the maximum output from #Arbitracoin. Let's start your #journey with our strong group that has just started earning money with Arbitra and let see how exciting & safe can be money earning. This is a real bombshell of the #crypto #trading. I recommend you this project because I tried it and it's #superior way of #making #money #online.

My affiliate reflink you can find here below:

Please register and get my help with #starting on this great #opportunity today! Join us because we support people that would like to start but do not know how.

Below you can find videos about this amazing crypto project:

You are welcome to join our community and start earning online attractive pay back of your investments

Best regards,


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I can confirm it is a scam, once you invest it will be locked and you cannot get it back. They don't communicate and the 2FA doesn't work.


Please check other browser than you have been used yet. I have had also some problems with communication as they answer usually after 3-4 days. We will see if there's scam or not. Until now it works and pays out