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Today Bitcoin seems to avoid barriers above 12000 USD over the last days. maybe the next days as well. on Coinmarketcap we have 700 alternative coins (a lot of simply ltc clones under that) and another 800 tokens as well, almost 150 of them have a total market cap over 100 mil.
So i like to look for rising stars. many altcoins are developed and builded over years and suddenly the price rises by unexpected events, get popular by promotion sometimes altcoins are mentioned in the mainstream media as well, i remember the sudden gain of the Verge [XVG] very well was it triggered just by a short sentence in the SUN or a full article lateer like that

or maybe by John McAfee our friend in person. ;)

By now i like small coins like DOGEcoin, Verge or Pac, Photon just for their small amounts in transaction fees. and that is a point transaction get to expensive for small and medium transaction amounts in many coins and BTC of course. why pay a huge amount in transaction fees if you can use a similar service for a fraction of the price at faster speeds. Maybe just a little fear of price fluctuations. but as a real coiner you can make a business or even a living out of price fluctuation in the best of all cases.

Some coins have significant technologie advantages, nano former RAiblocks becomes very hot the last days. hashgraph technologie and gossip protocols are very nice for usual daily transactions. not every cup of coffee has to be written down permanent on a blockchain. That idea is based for the lightning network as well. i will look for other coins adepting possible futertechnolies by now or in near future, always aware not being honeypotted to the nearest fraud.

What do you think, i my opinion it is possible to check out the concept of a coin. but in most cases it it not as easy vor persons with a non-mathematical background. and the other thing ist who knows which whitepaper becomes real. So my advice is that is way more save to invest in common coins with a nice market cap, acceptance by lot of exchanges and a good infrastructure. public nodes, former known developers and a unique or well adapted idea as well.

to come back to the story i think bitcoin wont get its 50% dominance of the total crypto market cap back in the nearest future. Eth, xmr, dash (not DASHcoin) and a lot of the others a totaly overbought as well.
in this moment my favorite holdings are Photon [PHO], Doge, 42-coin, Electroneum [ETN], Neo, ZCash, ZClassic, Groestlcoin [GRS], Gridcoin [GRC], SKY, OmiseGo [OMG] and NETcoin. :D

so what is your opinion? what do you like and what do you hodl? and what are you intrested about? what do you like to hear and read about?

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ok, wow, what know goes on is tough, reakly tough, mainstream media, analyst an all dumping bitcoin as shit, cryptos as well, no matter no difference, no compromise, so whar, we can define lower goals on 5k , 2k, maybe below 1k, but nevertheless, these are buying opportunities as well, the point from which it cant get no worse will come, not at zero i asume