The idiots of crypto. Whats happened with Zec was an embarrassment to the crypto community.

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Every single person that is a steemit fan boy is responsible for its death. Bare that in mind.

Those who think zcash has "huge development" either are stupid or deluded. Just like steemit. This entire currency is designed to take money from the little guy in crypto..... you lot let it. Not to mention nicehash being 1 hugeee scam. Sick of fucking criminals and thieves running crypto. Crypto is going to shit and steemit fan boys etc are letting it. You let the people who have stolen from us for years in control of the "decentralized currencies" nothing decentralized about a small group of people owning everything. We are literally allowing crypto to become exactly the same as fiat. Fuck knows what has happened. You should be ashamed.

You lot need to stop letting people take you for fucking rides. You are giving an idea of something great to those that want it to be controlled like fiat. They don't use rules and regulation to control they just buy all the fucking shares. Not to mention the fact the huge whales work together and share information in the form of insider trading. Yesterday we watch as people lost half the value on their homes because of the bullshit manipulation that is Zcash.

The people that enable this abuse need getting the fuck rid of. Steemit should have been a way for all us normal plebs to challenge the whales of crypto but instead they decided to join satan and his minions. Ned is just as bad as the rest. He is selling his fucking soul for a dolla. Steemit didn't need a wealthy dev team. Steemit needed a normal hard working the peoples dev team. Not selfish ass holes who on the surface claim to give a shit. Ned and dan are partly responsible for the crashed price. I watched it happen. They dumped huge amounts of steem onto the market causing a crash and since then everyone has been scared to buy large. So fucking thanks a bunch for that one @ned.

I like to trade crypto and something i have learned in the last year is how much manipulation goes on. We allow these ass holes to takes millions from us and we still call them great??? I am not even sure ned and dan even intended to crash steem. When they and whales decided to dump tons of steem it essentially destroyed the price of steem.

Stop letting the rich shit on you. That's is what you are doing. Do not be so fucking weak. We already have rothechilds etc we don't need that kind of evil and greed in crypto.

When a new currency is all over the place and has "big plans" remember 99% of the time huge investment and premined coins are the status quo. It's about gaining wealth. Not abuse the coin or crypto they do not give a fuck.

You want to help a coin that has heart and soul? the dev is a family man jeweler and programmer and has had the idea for a while. He is doing everything him self and will not allow investment abuse. Wayawolfcoin, check out cryptopia market place as its the only place you can buy them for a min. is the pool. scrypt algo and 25 per block, 100mh/s takes 12 mins to find a block. Not an over saturated coin and is designed to hold value. Normal person with good intentions gets shit on and thrown out yet some prick in a suit tells some lies you all jump through hoops. Think about the way you allow the rich to control cryto.

No doubt i will get moaned at for this post but please bare in mind that i don't give a shit. Someone needs to give crypto a voice and that person needs to be aggressive. I won't allow my politicians to shit on crypto nor will i allow the rich in my country to shit on the new comers or low level crypto traders/holders. Fuck the elite. Its about time we took our fucking idea back.

We can not claim we give an ounce of shit for the people around us when we so willing allow this shit to happen. Good people lost a lot of money from this shit. I was mining it so i only gained so when people seem to think i lost anything ask yourself this. Where is your empathy. Someone speaks out about something and you assume its because they lost money? I made money. I just seen the aftermath and could not sit in silence. People who mined it after release are not to blame. The devs, exchanges and WE are. It is out fault equally. We need to start sticking up for ourselves and exchanges should do there bit. I am all for a free market but i know without any doubt exchanges can see who keeps pump nd dumping and abusing THEIR markets. BAD for business! Normal people won't trust crypto when all the normal people up to middle class keep being screwed worse than the banks screw them. Spend a week on polo everyday watch the prices day in day out and you tell me they are not abusing the shit out of the system. Remember potcoin?! They are taking from all of you and its going to a very very minute number of people. Hundreds of thousands plebs get screwed while 100 become super rich. Needs to stop.

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DASH ftw =). But really dude the banks are gearing up to roll with blockchain. crypto has been the testing ground for the cashless society.

Seems like Steemit is like an online high school :) Whales are like the popular kids. idk I think it's a interesting experiment but it seems like people who got in early are the real winners sadly. Same with Bitcoin or ZCash I'd guess.


The people who get in early are always the winners.....or losers, whichever the case may be.


ofc, this was an all out assault by the ultra rich whales though. Not steemit whales. They are small fish in comparison. It was insider trading at it's absolute worse. Same on steemit. They were insider trading here since day one.

I can feelyour frustration. However I could not disagree more. I'm buying steem at these prices and not the least bit concerned. Have you seen potcoin lately? Someone very close to me made a small fortune on it. If you want to trust banks and other criminal, white collar thieves go for it. As for me I'm staying the course. I believe in Steem and am going to stay the course. If I'm wrong...won't be the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last. I trust these guys a lot more than bankers & politicians but that's not really saying much! We are all entitled to believe what we want and I respect your thoughts. That's what's great about being an American...or at least was in the past!


Zec caused a few to loose homes. Steem is a dieing horse not because of steemit but because of the greedy minority. When was america great? 70's? when black people would be beaten and attacked for 0 reason? the 50's? where women had no rights and were expected to cook nd have babies? was it great then? no? what about even earlier? with the segregation of all minorities and even a marijuana campaign to criminalize those. America has never been great, it has always been a shit hole driven by nothing but greed propped up by the illusion of a free and fair country. I never understood that term "make america great again" make america great period. No point living in the past that is not how human advancement works


i agree with some of what you said but when you visit other places around the world it makes you realize how much we really do have. you are right about greed driven and that's the downfall. unfortunately the white collar criminals control everything and that's why we're in the mess we're in. as for America's past...there's definitely been some bad things happen but i believe that overall there has also been some good come out of it.

Damned if you do and damned if you don't ... when the big whales didn't power down people were complaining they had far too much influence on the voting, when the big whales are powering down people are complaining about that, too ;-)