New coin with an honest dev! Wayawolfcoin.

in crypto •  2 years ago


He wants to have it accepted as payment for precious items like gemstones nd rare metals etc.

He is a share holder on cryptopia and jews trader (gem stones etc)

He wanted too make a currency he could accept himself for his items and he even payed out of his own pocket to get it listed on cryptopia. The coin is the same as his alias on there. (Wayawolf)

Just thought i would promote it via steemit. Check it out!

Only around 20,000 coins exist so far. 0 premined. Not sure of all his ambitions of it yet. It is also pow.

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Hope it is not a Self-Portrait?


Depends what time of the morning or if i have had coffee ;) Also i would be a bit weirded out if the dev did use a picture of me xD haha!


Well said! ( Also, of course, one does not want too many pictures around, may end up on the Post Office wall with a reward attached)

How do i get one for a collectors item ?